CCA Brown Bag: Cultural Competence in Academic Support


Apr. 23, 2014,
12pm to 1:30pm

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The Cultural Competence Academy (CCA) Brown Bag Series is designed to provide opportunities for members of the UNLV collegiate community to develop the knowledge, skills and awareness related to cultural issues and working with diverse populations. As a continuation of the CCA Pilot, the Brown Bags will assist in establishing a strong and viable cultural competence program that relies upon the expertise of members of the UNLV faculty and staff in its overall design and implementation. The target audience for the CCA Pilot includes, but is not limited to, individuals in decision making positions, current and future search committee members, and those wishing to engage in dialogue that serves as a catalyst for continued and future growth in the area of cultural competence.

Presenters: Chyna Miller, Rimi Marwah, Anne White; UNLV Academic Success Center

Description: Presenters will discuss how cultural competencies have been applied to the hiring of over 70 undergraduate and graduate students to create a unique team of employees mirroring the diversity of the UNLV student population. Discussion will then focus on how the Academic Success Center (ASC) Learning Support student staff is trained to communicate and be sensitive to the varying backgrounds and academic needs of the undergraduate students.

Target Audience: Decision makers

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