Casino Patrol Tactics and Fraudulent ID Detection


Mar. 18, 2014,
8am to 5pm


This one-day seminar covers two key security issues.

1. Casino Patrol Deployment & Tactics

Topics include:

  • Budgeting – how to get best value for your company’s money
  • Scheduling – learn about efficient and effective staffing
  • Patrol Areas – the security plan and human layers of protection
  • Patrol Tactics – decades of best practice to add to your training and procedures
  • Advanced Techniques – behavioral recognition, confronting suspicious persons, and de-escalation
  • Documentation – looking at real-life court-proven ways to track actions


2. Comprehensive Identification Detection for Fraudulent Identification

Topics include:

  • Current ID laws – how criminal and civil penalties can affect your casino
  • Handling IDs – demonstration of simple techniques to detect counterfeits
  • Examining IDs – security features and manufacturing characteristics
  • Detection techniques – recognizing counterfeit, altered or borrowed IDs
  • Foreign IDs – identifying security features in identification from other countries
  • Fake IDs – handle genuine and counterfeit IDs using magnifiers and UV lights


Admission Information


  • Early Bird: $175; payment due three weeks before the start date
  • Regular: $195; payment due one week before the start date


Seminar registration fee includes coursework material, morning and afternoon refreshments. It does not include lodging, air transportation or ground transportation, incidentals or any meals other than those listed above on the days of the seminar.

If you need to make travel arrangements that require airfare or non-refundable fees please call our office at 702-895-2008 to verify that the seminar will take place. The final decision to run a seminar is made three weeks prior to the start date. Seminars are subject to cancelation for any reason at any time. We are not responsible for any non-refundable fees associated with your travel.

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