Career Skills Webinar - A Swift Kick in the Can'ts


Feb. 20, 2019, 5pm to 6pm


Webinar Overview

If you want to increase your productivity, enhance your earning power, achieve your goals, and reach more overall success in your life, then read on. Peer Mentoring™ is a system in which two people agree to support each other based on complementary skills and needs, and the partners create a 'contract.'

The purpose of this process is to create a 'buddy system' to help both of you achieve your individual goals.There have been numerous books and articles about mentoring, finding someone senior to you in your field who will help, advise, consult, and coach you to realize your potential.

Having a mentor can definitely be an asset to you and your career. Lately, we hear a lot about the power of networking in all its formats, such as 'live' networking - going to events, collecting business cards, and then following up on those contacts. Of course, we also have cyber networking thanks to Facebook, Twitter, and the most business-related platform, LinkedIn.

The end goal - is finding the contacts who will be helpful to you or your business. Peer Mentoring is a combination or confluence of these two trends (networking and mentoring), regardless of the business or career you're engaged in.

Join Elaina to learn how you can better organize your job, life, and responsibilities.

Presenter: Elaina Zuker

A seasoned businesswoman, educator, author and consultant, Ms. Zuker has held executive positions in publishing, higher education and communications.

As a keynote speaker, she has addressed meetings and conferences in industry, government and professional associations.

"The Seven Secrets of Influence" by Elaina Zuker is an international best-seller, has been translated into 6 languages, and has sold more than 150,000 copies worldwide. It was the Main Selection for the Business Week Book Club and the Newbridge Book Club.

Rave Reviews from Readers Representing All Walks of Business Life . . . "Elaina Zuker has always been able to influence me to act on her suggestions. Now I know why! A must read for anyone in sales."

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