Career Search Webinar - 50 Tips to Get That Job!


Mar. 6, 2019, 5pm to 6pm


Webinar Overview

LinkedIn is Your Job Search Friend. Learn how to Maximize its Reach

Brenda knows her stuff. As an Amazon #1 Best- Seller, her book is the “bible” to anyone who is looking at using the power and potential of LinkedIn to help them land jobs fast. LinkedIn is rapidly becoming the new resume. Its importance cannot be underestimated.

It’s easy to create a basic LinkedIn profile – but, it’s difficult to create an informative, fact-filled, keyword-optimized, profile that conveys your unique passions, experiences, accomplishments, and potential – and that gets you a job. Brenda will help unlock those secrets by sharing her “3 L’s” with you.

  • Locatability – The two essential factors to getting found on LinkedIn
  • Likeability – How to capture and keep attention once someone lands on your profile
  • Aliveness– What actions you absolutely must take to make LinkedIn work for you

You will take away ideas on how to get contacted by recruiters and employers, attract and impress visitors, utilize each and every section of your profile to its maximum potential, and more.

Presenter: Brenda Bernstein

Brenda Bernstein, award-winning Certified Executive Resume Master, Certified Master Resume Writer, and accomplished editor and LinkedIn trainer, holds an English degree from Yale University and a J.D. from the NYU School of Law.

Her signature presentations on How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile have been attended by thousands of job seekers and other professionals seeking to establish a professional image on LinkedIn.

Over her 15 years as Owner and Senior Editor at The Essay Expert, Brenda has coached hundreds of students and professionals to write resumes, essays and other materials that result in sought after job interviews and, admission to top schools.

She has written three highly-acclaimed books: How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile, How to Write a WINNING Resume, and How to Write a STELLAR Executive Resume.

Website: The Essay Expert and How to Write a Killer LinkedIn Profile

Blog: The Essay Expert Blog

Follow Brenda at:

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