Career Encores Webinar: Shifting Gears to Retirement


Apr. 24, 2019, 5pm to 6pm


Webinar Overview

Thirty years with lots of time and not so much money makes for a VERY long vacation. So… what’s a 55+ Baby Boomer to do? Work? Play? Travel? Volunteer? Or a combination of all these? Here at home or abroad? Alone or with a partner? In cyberspace or at home or in the office? Full or part-time?

With more than 10,000 adults turning 55+ every day since 2012, everyone is speculating about what the Boomers will be doing for the next 30-50 remaining years of their lives, not least of all we Boomers ourselves. Arguably this next could be our BEST life passage. But first, we need to “shift gears,” rediscover our SELVES, then redesign our upcoming lives.

Boomers Duckworth and Langworthy have penned a one-source “call to action” to all 55+ Boomers to invent their own personal and professional Next Phase, known in the past as ‘Retirement.’ They present a creative, compelling specific roadmap to how Boomers can and will live their last and BEST opus -- with vitality, creativity and productivity. (energetically, creatively, productively).

Get ready, world, for the onslaught of healthy, somewhat well-heeled Boomers, soon to be numbered more than 77 million, who are not willing to be defined by an age number. This group is ripe for specific direction, modern resources, and ‘light my fire’ inspiration to help them fashion their last best opus.

If you are a boomer, you will learn more about who you will soon be. If you are a marketer, you will learn fascinating information about this HUGE audience.

Presenter: Dr. Carolee Dockworth

Dr. Carolee Duckworth has worked with thousands of career changers over the past 30 years, including displaced industrial workers, homemakers re-entering the workforce, retraining adults, technology students, and 55+ individuals preparing for new careers. Her current focus is on assisting retiring Baby Boomers (of which she is one) with their next great career change. An idea person and life-long learner, Carolee lives her life as though all things are possible.

The way she lives is her strongest statement to others that "the sky's the limit"--or is there any limit after all?

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