Career Encore Webinar - Retirement Financial Planning


Jan. 23, 2019, 5pm to 6pm


The Retirement Rebel: How to get your life to work for you!

Webinar Overview

Want to Make Your Retirement Rock?

Thinking of retiring? Ready to relocate to sunnier climes, free from responsibilities, schedules, and alarm clocks? And absolutely determined this will be the best time of your life?

Wait, read this first! U.S. News & World Report tells us that the typical retiree today spends 4 hours a day watching television. You don’t want that! And many retirees report feeling, stuck, blue, disappointed, and wondering why the heck they are so bored relaxing in the Costa Rica sun sipping Margaritas. Hello?

Margaret will show you how to avoid 4 major retirement pitfalls and ensure you find your feet, hit the ground running, and best of all, do it your way. Like a rebel.

Margaret will help you:

  • Discover the #1 reason you can get stuck and how to avoid it
  • Realize exactly why you get the blues and what you can do about it
  • Uncover what it is you really miss about work… and it may surprise you.

..and more.

The truth is, retirement is an enormous life transition that can trip you up if you’re not vigilant. Or it can be the best, most fabulous time of your life! It’s like a huge tidal wave of change sweeping over you.

Join Margaret to learn how you can make your retirement years rock.

Presenter: Margaret Nash

Margaret Nash spends her time as a self-help writer, seminar leader, and NLP based life-coach, in San Miguel de Allende--an alternative, slightly crazy, artistic haven in the central mountains of Mexico.

She grew up in the heart of the Deep South--Alabama--in the tempestuous 1960s, before escaping to England where she lived for several decades before moving to Mexico.

Her tribe is the rebel-hippie-at-heart-baby-boomer who is probably retiring about now and facing a bunch of other major life changes at the same time. Determined to age with attitude and courage.

She is a Master Practitioner and Certified Trainer in NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), Hypnosis, and Time-line Therapy. She has a degree (from way, way back) in Religion and Philosophy, and a life-long interest in all things esoteric and wacky.

Margaret deals with the themes of aging well, surviving transitions, and finding your groove in life in your 50s, 60s, and beyond. Reviving the magic.

If this resonates, or resembles your story, she would love to hear from you! Shoot her an email, tell her about yourself, your challenges, and join the tribe.

Her website and blog and books include:

  • Rebellious Aging: A Self-help Guide for the Old Hippie at Heart
  • Drop the Drama! How to Get Along With Everybody, All the Time
  • The Retirement Rebel--How to get your life to work, when you don't have to
  • Artful Assertiveness Skills for Women

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