Career Encore Webinar - Planning Your Retirement


Feb. 27, 2019, 5pm to 6pm


Webinar Overview

Forrest speaks to those over 50 who are looking to rededicate their lives to something other than work. It's difficult to know where to turn after a long career, so this book offers four helpful concepts.

Forrest’s lecture will cover four well-known facts about yourself:

  • You've probably had miraculous experiences in your life that are not fully appreciated for their significance. Revisiting them with a fresh perspective as described in "Wonderlust" could renew your sense of uniqueness and meaning and provide a strong foundation to pivot in exciting new directions.
  • Trying to understand these peak experiences--moments of transcendence--can create curiosity about how they affect others. Can we look for answers in the arts, philosophy, or psychology? Learning about the Axial Age and pleasures of the mind cannot only be fun but create wonderful moments of happiness as you find meaning in retirement.
  • Full retirement provides the best environment--when work concerns don't compromise your limited free time--to explore these concepts. Considerable financial planning,though, is needed to insure comfortable full retirement living.
  • You learn about the threats to finding leisure time, such as conspicuous consumption, and how you can "own your job" even before you retire.

Take advantage of Forrest ’s experience and expertise so you don’t make the common mistakes so many other retires make.

Presenter: Forrest Wright

The author has seen retirement from both sides: As professional planner and as retiree. His web site is

Forrest J. Wright always wanted to retire--literally. At eight years old he asked his dad what it would take not to have to work. The answer he got was "two million." To bring that "two million" day closer, he became a Wharton MBA (University of Pennsylvania), professional investment manager at Aetna, Inc., and a retirement planner (CFP) at his own firm. All as a means to an end described in Time For Wonderlust.

Forrest J. lives with his wife, Sharon, and daughter, Julie, in Farmington, CT. His son, Forrest D., lives in Philadelphia.

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