Brookings Mountain West Lecture: Allan Friedman


Jan. 29, 2013,
5:30pm to 6:30pm

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Brookings Mountain West presents “Technocracy vs. Democracy: Understanding Technology Policy Decision-making” a talk by Allan Friedman, Fellow, Governance Studies and Research Director, Center for Technology Innovation at Brookings.

The role and impact of technology on democracy and public policy continues to affect our lives on a daily basis. Technology is a monumental factor in our economy, our national defense, and in our political system. Technology, seemingly, offers a solution to every problem it creates. What roles does technology play in the "high-tech" culture of the 21st century, and how do policy makers determine technology policy? Can our understanding of technology and the relationship between technology and democracy keep pace with the rapid changes affecting our privacy, domestic and national security?

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Lecture is free and open to the public. No reservation or ticket required.

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