Broadway in the HOOD: Bring in the Light


Jul. 21, 2018, 3pm

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"Bring in the Light" is a cry for help from the voices of a suffering generation of "hopeless children!" This contemporary yet heroic musical weaves together with vivid potency, the climate of our Nation's youth - living its story.  This piece is a testimony to the resilience that our kids must have to survive in a world full of bombs, bullying, mass shootings, mind games, government turmoil, and social media shenanigans!  "Bring in the Light" explores what happens when a cast of 50 kids from diverse backgrounds explore the game show of life, the non-reality of Reality TV; and what happens when "Fake News" breeds fear, anguish and turmoil in a world where the face of "Officer Friendly" is more feared than Freddy Kruger.  With beautiful songs, breathtaking dance, emotionally charged monologues and a superb cast, this show is guaranteed to educate and inspire the world to understand, "My light is small but burns real bright, yours may be dim and almost out of sight, together with faith, love, and unrelenting might, each one of us can make a difference, can change this world for better, and together we can all Bring in the Light!"


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