Book Group - 147 Practical Tips for Emerging Scholars


Apr. 7, 2021, 2pm to 3pm

Office/Remote Location



147 Practical Tips for Emerging Scholars: From Publishing to Time Management, Grant Seeking, and Beyond

This book addresses a compelling question for all of us: How can faculty members succeed in developing scholarly careers? The authors organize the 147 tips by topic category: “Taking Control of Your Career as a Scholar”; “Building a Research Agenda”; “General Writing Tips”; “Developing and Writing Your Literature Review”; “Presenting at Conferences”; “Publishing in Refereed Journals”; “Writing Grants, Writing Academic Books, Ethics, and Responsibility”; “Technology for Writing and Teaching”; and “Passing It On: Collaborating and Mentoring.”

Please join Dr. Han-fen Hu for a group discussion that focuses on sharing your own experiences in effectively managing the competing demands of scholarly life. To obtain the Zoom link, please register. This is the last session for this book group this semester.

Note: You may acquire the book yourselves from a library or bookstore.



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