Barrick Lecture Series: An Evening with Mark Russell


Oct. 17, 2012,
7:30pm to 9pm

Campus Location


Long before Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert, there was Mark Russell, daring to joke and sing of the often absured political process. He started in a little piano bar on Capitol Hill - right across from the lawmakers themselves. As he puts it, "I started at the bottom and managed to work my way down." He began knowing little about politics, but was an immediate hit because he could find humor in anything.

Mark continues to play off of the day's headlines, performing stand-up comedy while accompanying himself on the piano. With impeccable timing, twinkling eyes and shock-of-recognition insights into American politics, he draws merriment from the pomposity of public life. Reading three or four newspapers a day allows him to constantly update his material. The result is that no two shows are ever identical. "I thrive on newspapers," he frequently states. "And it looks like I'll be thriving longer than them."

Admission Information

Tickets for this event are free to the general public, but are limited to two per customer.

Ticket distribution dates and times for the Barrick Lecture event with Mark Russell are:

  • September 26 at 10 a.m. for UNLV faculty, staff, and students
  • September 29 at 10 a.m. for the general public

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Tickets for Mark Russell will be available exclusively at the UNLV Performing Arts Center Box Office.

For more information call 702-895-2787 (ARTS).

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