*Artist-in-Residence Recital: Barrie & Hesse


Jan. 25, 2013,
7pm to 8pm

Office/Remote Location

University Methodist Church - 4412 S. Maryland Pkwy., 89154


The Department of Music presents Artists-in-Residence Bruce Barrie, trumpet, and Marian Hesse, horn. 

Dr. Bruce Barrie, a Grammy winning trumpet player, and Marian Hesse, a Grammy winning hornist, will perform a concert featuring the works of Antonio Vivaldi, Jules Mazellier, and Marcia Marchesi.

Dr. Bruce Barrie, is a noted performer on modern and historical brasses, including the piccolo trumpet, keyed bugle, saxhorn, natural trumpet and cornetto. Dr. Barrie is the author of "Daily Routines for the Student Trumpet Player." Dr. Barrie performs as principal trumpet with the Philadelphia Virtuosi and the Colorado Pro Musica, in addition to performances with the Colorado Ballet Orchestra. 

Marian Hesse, is an associate professor of music at the University of Northern Colorado, and is a member of the Grammy winning Chestnut Brass Company. Hesse is also a noted performer on the modern horn and historic brasses including the natural horn and the rare quinticlave. She performs as principal horn with the Philadelphia Virtuosi, the Colorado Pro Musica and the Boulder Bach Festival and has appeared as principal with the Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia, and the Kansas City Chamber Orchestra. 

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Admission is free to attend this performance.

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