Anthropology Ph.D. Prospectus Defense: "[VR]CHAEOLOGY"


Nov. 10, 2022, 2:30pm to 4pm

Office/Remote Location



Anthropologists aim to provide an intimate peek into how people behave and perceive their world. They do this to help people understand human diversity by opening the door to hear underrepresented voices, foster empathy and compassion, and break down walls of fear. Unfortunately, anthropologists are unable to relay their full experience; that is, resources and technology limited to text, pictures, videos, and museum displays, when they convey their research and experiences to the public. Some argue that no matter how anthropologists conduct and relay their research, it will have a distorted representation of the subject and mute the voice of those the research is representing. As a result, the anthropologist risks disconnecting their audience from the human experience. Virtual Reality (VR) may be one way help reduce this risk as an interactive immersive technology that may help communicate an anthropologist's immersive experience in the field. This project looks at an archaeological-based approach for VR of the Basketmaker culture archaeology site Cave du Pont. The experience aims to introduce the user to a cultural location, bring them up close to the archaeology, and learn about the archaeology from the perspectives of tribal representatives and archaeologists through emotional and experiential/cognitive learning.

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This event is open to all for the public portion of the defense.

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Department of Anthropology
Heather Nepa