Anthropology Ph.D. Prospectus Defense: "Personal Genomic Services for Companion Animals: Consumer Experiences and Veterinary Perspectives""


Nov. 18, 2022, 9am to 10am

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This proposal entails anthropological research into consumer use of personal genomic services for non-human animals, specifically companion animal species, and the veterinary care field. Numerous studies have evaluated human self-use of direct-to- consumer (DTC) genomic services, though research has largely overlooked use of these tests for companion animals. As a novel area of research, this project’s conceptual framework builds on research into the human-animal bond (e.g., kinship extension to nonhuman animals), human self-use of personal genomic services (e.g., impacts of ancestry information on genetic identity), and preliminary investigations conducted by the Evolution and Human Behavior Lab.

Two projects are proposed to evaluate (1) consumer perceptions and responses to returned domestic dog ancestry (i.e., breed) results and (2) veterinary care provider experiences with and perceptions toward companion animal genomic services. The proposed projects and derived results have implications to the human-animal bond in Western societies, the veterinary care field, and the pet genomic industry.

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