Anthropology Colloquium: Dr. Gordon Mathews


Nov. 19, 2012,
11:30am to 11:30pm

Office/Remote Location

Room 146


UNLV’S Department of Anthropology presents a talk entitled "Ghetto at the Center of the World: Chungking Mansions, Hong Kong" by Dr. Gordon Mathews, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Chungking Mansions is a dilapidated building full of cheap guesthouses, restaurants, and retail and wholesale businesses, located in the heart of Hong Kong's tourist district of Tsim Sha Tsui. It is a center of "low-end globalization" in Hong Kong--it is where small entrepreneurs from Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa come to seek their fortunes--and is perhaps the most cosmopolitan building in the world, with people from across the globe within its crowded, narrow confines. In this talk, Dr. Mathews discusses the people who reside in Chungking Mansions, how exactly they make their livings and comprehend their lives, and he discusses the theoretical significance of Chungking Mansions in understanding contemporary processes of globalization.

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