Airforce ROTC Home Workout


Apr. 22, 2020, 10am to 11am

Office/Remote Location



Try out this full body workout designed by one of our student workers
(@Jadentrace1813) in ROTC

Simple and Effective AFROTC/Home full body Workout

1. 5-minute jog warm-up
2. Set a timer for 20 or 30 minutes and complete as many sets as possible within given
3. 10 Lunges
4. 10 of any type of push-up
5. 15 Mountain climbers
6. 15 Leg raisers
7. 15 squats or jump squats or squat holds
8. 20 of any type of crunches
9. 1-minute plank
10. 10 tricep dips (will need a chair or something at least 1 ft off the ground)
11. Try for 1.5 mile run or more

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