AFC Week of Awareness for Project 150


Apr. 18, 2021 - Apr. 24, 2021, 8:30am to 5:30pm


A Week of Awareness for Project 150 will start off with a virtual information session hosted by the AFC and Project 150 where you can learn more about this organization and what they do for our community. Details are to be announced and will be shared on the AFC website and in a follow up email.

We know your time is valuable now more than ever which is why we are offering 3 simple ways for you to participate. See how you can make an impact below:  (Please note: Although the official Week of Awareness isn't for a few weeks, you can begin any of these options immediately)

Admission Information

Option 1

  1. Help us raise $1,500 for Project 150 by April 24th.
    • Project 150 is currently fundraising for their youth scholarship program. Their organization provides scholarships to homeless high school seniors and current college students wanting to pursue higher education or trade degrees at any of Nevada’s higher education institutions. Project 150 has created a private link for UNLV employees to share or donate to. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to Project 150 for their youth scholarship program and all donations are tax deductible through Project 150. UNLV, nor the UNLV Foundation are involved as it pertains to taxes. Please do not donate via Project 150’s website. Instead, Project 150 fully endorses and encourages us utilizing this private link they have created specifically for this effort to track UNLV’s impact. Please consider donating to or sharing the following link.

Option 2

  1. Take 1,500 steps for Project 150 by April 24th.
    • Let’s be active for 1,500 steps! We encourage you to go on a run, take a walk, go for a ride, participate in a hike outdoors safely and comfortably, anything that is active and works for YOU! Then take a picture of you on your adventure and post about it through a social media platform using the hashtag #UNLVAFC1500. Increasing the online presence of Project 150 is something easy and simple all of us can do by simply sharing about the organization. Please consider tagging Project 150, sharing the link for Project 150’s website, and/or sharing UNLV’s exclusive donation link letting your online audience know you are taking 1,500 steps for Project 150:

Option 3

  1. Donate needed items directly to Project 150 and/or at our drop off location at UNLV by April 24th.

    • Project 150 works diligently to provide homeless, displaced and disadvantaged high school students with the basic necessities required to keep them in school. Those items include, but are not limited to:
      • Breakfast items (granola bars, pop tarts, cereal {18 oz.}, etc.)
      • Lunch items (can, cup or boxed food in addition to unopened peanut butter and jelly, etc.)
      • Dinner items (pasta, canned food, rice, beans, canned vegetables, etc.)
      • Hygienic items (full size shampoo, conditioner, body wash, deodorant, toothpaste, tooth brushes, etc.)
      • Further hygienic items (pads, tampons {variety of sizes}, and feminine wipes)
      • New and unused undergarments (underwear, bras, socks, etc.)
  2. Please note Project 150 is also very appreciative of receiving gift cards for grocery and retail stores so they can purchase specific items needed in high times of demand.
  3. Items can be dropped off directly to Project 150 or UNLV’s Student Union.
    • Project 150’s main donation site: 3600 N. Rancho Dr. (corner of Rancho and Gowan) and is open Mon- Fri 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Let them know you’re dropping off for UNLV’s Week of Awareness Project.
    • UNLV’s donation site: Student Union, 3rd floor, room 316. You can drop off items here on Tuesday's and Wednesday's from 12 p.m. - 3 p.m. Please note: This office is only open during those hours, we cannot accept donations outside of the hours above.

Contact Information

MPE-A 138
Cory Nelson

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