2022 CSUN CoLA x HCoH x CoE Advocacy Forum


Apr. 12, 2022, 2:30pm to 7pm

Campus Location

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Ballrooms A, B, and C


CSUN COLA Senators are hosting an event in partnership with the CSUN Senators for the Colleges of Hospitality and Education. It will be held in all three sections of the SU Ballrooms. This colloquium will serve to provide students of the UNLV Colleges of Liberal Arts, Hospitality and Education the opportunity to hear from professionals in their field of study on the subjects of both professional development and how best to use the knowledge gained from post-secondary education for effective advocacy. The general theme of the event is how students can best leverage the undergraduate education experience as a means of advocating for others and taking on positions of leadership in their community, regardless of their major. There will be a wide variety of faculty speakers that students can choose to hear from, presentations on the progress made by the current CSUN administration and senate, as well as student resources. This event will culminate in a mixer where we will have free food, a mocktail bar, giveaways and more.

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CSUN Student Government
Miguel Soriano