10-Hours-Per-Week: More Efficient Grading Practices


Mar. 9, 2020, 11:30am to 12:45pm

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Room 240 (Faculty Center Multi-Use Room)


10-Hours-Per-Week: First Steps to More Efficient Grading Practices

As teachers we should be willing and able to teach effectively within the parameters of a “full-time” workload: 10-hours-per-week for each course. No more. No less. All of our thinking, all of our planning, all of our administrative energy should begin with an understanding of the “time” necessary to succeed as teachers. The primary goal for this workshop will be on making effective teaching choices by examining and deciding how to best spend our teaching "time." The workshop discussions and activities will focus on more efficient teaching practices by examining (or re-examining) our teaching (and assessment/evaluation) goals, a process for projects, key moments for engagement, and ways to engage with student work more efficiently. Bring a current favorite project that you would like to revise to make more efficient (and save you time!).

Workshop Outcomes

  • Align teaching goals with efficient teaching practices
  • Align student learning goals with lifelong learning
  • Apply 10-Hour-Per-Week thinking to course structure
  • Distinguish between response and evaluation
  • Determine most efficient moments for engagement in projects and courses
  • Snacks will be provided to attendees. 

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Event is free and open to faculty.

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