Academic Programs

Undergraduate Programs

The undergraduate degree follows a course of historical study in the English language and the literatures of Britain and the United States, as well as related English-language traditions and literary works in translation. Students are trained in composition and proceed with a solid grounding in critical theory to explore literature as an artistic medium and an intellectual discipline. They acquire skills in writing and textual analysis designed to complement other academic studies and to enhance later professional and personal goals. The university and community are enriched by public lectures, poetry readings, and the publication of four journals devoted to criticism and creative writing.

Graduate Programs

The department offers several ways of earning graduate degrees from the M.A. and M.F.A. to the Ph.D, whether through part-time or full-time study. Our graduate programs have become very successful in a relatively short time, and the M.F.A. program with its international emphasis enjoys an especially high national ranking. Recent Ph.D. graduates have obtained tenure-track positions at institutions such as Sam Houston State University, Northwestern University, Snow College, and Hillsdale College.