Promotion & Tenure - Avoiding Bias

Policies and procedures for Promotion and Tenure can be found in the College’s Bylaws.

During the evaluation and tenure process, departments and the college are required to consider a variety of factors when making decisions about a candidate.

It is well established in the academic literature that some metrics have known racial or gender bias, including at least 1) letters of support, 2) student evaluations, and 3) the peer review process for accepting or rejecting publications (if not double blind). To avoid issues known in the scholarly literature with regard to gender bias, racial bias, or bias to those with disabilities, evaluators must describe how they considered issues of bias in their ratings. Evaluators are encouraged to read at least the following sources:

  • “Gender Biases in Student Evaluations of Teaching”, Journal | PDF
  • “Student Evaluation of College Teaching Effectiveness: a Brief Review", Journal | PDF
  • “Meta-analysis of Faculty's Teaching Effectiveness: Student Evaluation of Teaching Ratings and Student Learning Are Not Related”, Journal | PDF
  • “Beauty in the Classroom: Instructors' Pulchritude and Putative Pedagogical Productivity”, Journal | PDF
  • “What’s in a Name … or a Face? Student Perceptions of Faculty Race”, Journal | PDF