Dominic Marrocco: “Entrepreneur In Residence”

Dominic can best be described as a serial entrepreneur. At 37 Dominic, who is originally from Leeds, UK, divides his time between the UK and US where he runs businesses in property, IT, his own venture capital fund, and supporting multiple charities. His success story (he became a millionaire at 21) is one of inspiration for budding entrepreneurs and future business leaders.

Having graduated from Harvard’s renowned business leadership course — the Owner/President Management Program (OPM) and been awarded the status of Visiting fellow of Bournemouth University’s Business School, Dominic takes on the challenges of diversifying the economic base of Las Vegas by encouraging technological growth and developing a productive intellectual property component for UNLV’s College of Engineering. Recently named an “Honorary Fellow” of the College, Dominic sees his relationship with UNLV as timely and essential. By inspiring students to follow in his footsteps, he can help redirect the goals of the college and its research in directions that will provide self-sustaining projects and build relationships with industry that can ensure the college’s longevity. He believes the role of education, in addition to developing business acumen, is invaluable and crucial to creating sustainability. Dominic sits on several UNLV boards including the UNLV Foundation’s Advisory Board and he was recently invited to participate on the newly formed Intellectual Property committee within the College of Engineering.