Dean's Associates

The Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering provides high-quality civil and environmental, computer science, construction management, electrical, entertainment engineering and design, informatics, and mechanical engineering programs for its undergraduate and graduate students. Private support will help the students and faculty in the college find resolution for real-world engineering programs and provide the thorough understanding of mathematical and scientific fundamentals essential to the infrastructure of our growing community.

Dean’s Associates members are individuals or corporations that contribute at least $1,000 annually to the Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering, and permit the dean to spend the funds where the need is greatest.

Past Dean’s Associates contributions have enabled students to attend professional conferences, allowed student organizations to host diversity seminars promoting the profession, and allowed faculty to travel and present papers at national and international conferences.

Engineer Innovation

A heartfelt thanks to our 2009- 2010 Dean’s Associate members:

  • Susan Brennan
    NV Energy
  • Jim Day
    Clark Construction Group, LLC
  • Brad Geinzer
    JBA Consultants
  • John R. Gibson
    American Pacific Corporation
  • David Griego
    T.A.C. Americas
  • Curtis Horton
    HDR Engineering, Inc.
  • Wayne Horlacher
  • Robert Knudson
  • Scott Mitchell
  • Samuel D. Palmer
  • Troy Wade
    Wade Associates
  • James S. Whitcraft
    Bechtel National
  • James F. Wunderlin
    Southwest Gas Corporation