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ESL Degree Preparation


  • The ESL Degree Preparation is a major in the undergraduate catalog. Classes are not required, but are taken as language support in combination with all undergraduate classes.
  • Green card holders and U.S. citizens who are enrolled in 12 credits in the ESL Degree Preparation major are eligible for Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  • The ESL Degree Preparation classes are three credit-bearing and can be taken in combination with any other UNLV class to help students gain the language proficiency skills to make a smooth transition to academic studies at UNLV.
  • The ELC does not offer beginning ESL classes, only intermediate and advanced classes.
  • The ESL classes in the ESL Degree Preparation program follow UNLV’s academic calendar and can be taken in Fall, Spring, Summer II, and Summer III.

Admission and Placement

  • Incoming degree-seeking ESL students take a placement test prior to the beginning of each semester unless they present a valid official English language proficiency test score (TOEFL iBT, MTELP, IELTS, PTE, etc.).
  • Incoming non-degree seeking students do not need to present English language proficiency language test scores to take classes in the ESL Degree Preparation major.

Registration and Classes

Students register for the ESL Degree Preparation classes in MyUNLV.

Suggested ESL Degree Preparation Progression
Semester 4 Placement
76 MTELP & 40 Writing
General Education English
ENG 113 (3 cr.) Composition I for International Students
Semester 3 Placement
ENG 113 E & F (6 cr.) Composition I for International Students (Extended)
Academic English Certification
ESL 162 (3 cr.) Advanced Applied Grammar
ESL 165 (3 cr.) Advanced Reading and Writing
ESL 168 (3 cr.) Advanced Academic Writing
ESL 185 (3 cr.) Advanced English Competency
  Required Elective
Semester 2 Placement
Advanced English Proficiency Certificate ESL
ESL 161 (3 cr.) Advanced Grammar
ESL 164 (3 cr.) Advanced Reading and Vocabulary
ESL 167 (3 cr.) Advanced Composition
ESL 169 (3 cr.) Advanced Speaking and Listening
ESL XXX (3 cr.) Required Elective
Required Electives
ESL 160 (3 cr.) Vocabulary and Idioms of American English
ESL 174 (3 cr.) American Culture: Reading and Speaking
ESL 176 (3 cr.) Academic Study Skills for ESL
ESL 180 (3 cr.) Editing Skills for ESL
ESL 380 (3 cr.) Advanced Oral Presentation Skills
Semester 1 Placement
Intermediate ESL
ESL 151 (3 cr.) Intermediate Grammar – Part I
ESL 153 (3 cr.) Intermediate Reading and Discussion
ESL 157 (3 cr.) Intermediate Composition
ESL 159 (3 cr.) Intermediate Speaking and Listening

Class Descriptions

To search for class descriptions, follow the link to the catalog, select the correct course prefix and input the course number.


The ESL Degree Preparation tuition and fees can be calculated using the official Tuition Estimator.

For additional information, please visit UNLV College Costs.