ELC classes help students gain the skills they need to make a smooth transition to regular academic studies. To determine appropriate course work, all students take a diagnostic placement examination, which is followed by an interview. Each semester prior to registration, student records are reviewed and additional course work is suggested as necessary.

Successful completion of any one of the 35 different ELC classes earns students UNLV credit. These credits may be applied as elective credits to many degree programs on campus. For each course completed, students receive an official certificate of achievement.

The ELC is a six-level program that focuses on oral/written communication and academic skills, including test preparation, listening to lectures, taking notes, writing research papers, making oral presentations, using the library for research, and figuring out vocabulary from context.

Instruction in the center is accomplished in a climate of mutual respect and acceptance that is inviting to the adult learner. Students can study in any one or all of the following areas: