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Submission Timelines

COE ORSP Timeline

There are many factors involved in the submission process. This notice will provide general timelines for faculty who are submitting grants through the College of Education's Office of Research and Sponsored Projects. Please keep in mind that we work collaboratively with the Office of Sponsored Projects at UNLV.

*Please note that the timelines indicated below are minimal guidelines.

Standard Proposal Process
Request for Support 60-90 days
Intent to Submit Program Identified 45-60 days Depending on program (federal compared to state)
Almost ready for submission 30-45 days
Ready to submit 15-30 days
Finalize all application materials 10-15 days
Ready for submission to OSP Day 10

UNLV OSP Timeline

Each month, the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) reviews, signs, and submits large numbers of proposals. Numerous administrative requirements exist and proposals must be carefully reviewed for compliance prior to submission. Consequently, in order to provide the best possible service and ensure timely submission, OSP has the following deadlines for proposal processing. The deadlines depend upon the following complicating factors:

  • Direct costs greater than $1M/year
  • Cost sharing
  • External Collaborators/Sub-awards
  • Requires additional space
  • Involves a foreign sponsor
Process Standard Non-Standard Very Large
Notify OSP 10 working days 20 working days As soon as identified
Budget finalization 4 working days 5 working days 1 month
Final documents 4 working days 4 working days 10 working days
Final technical section & certifications 2 working days 2 working days 5 working days

Manage the Process

Federal, State & Local Grants

Process Description
Intention to Submit
Log Intents
  • PI's intent to submit form gets logged into database
  • Intent Submissions are prioritized by due date
Confirm Intent to Submit
  • Follow-up to verify intent to submit
  • Confirm to proceed or to forfeit submission
Project Folder Created
  • ORSP will create grant project folders in Google Drive
  • The project title will be logged into database for tracking
Routing Forms
  • After PI signs the routing form, then PI submits the form for department chair/head's signature, followed by ADORSP. ADORSP will drop completed routing form to the project's folder. ORSP will notify OSP that routing form is ready