The ORSP team has compiled a list of forms to assist you in completing your grant submission or initiating various processes post-funding at UNLV. For other forms not listed, please visit UNLV Research and Economic Development and the UNLV Foundation forms pages.


  • Submit this form by the first of the month prior to the employee's first check (For example: If employee's first check is July 1, contract request must be submitted by June 1).

  • All invoices must be attached to the Invoice Request Form.

  • The Reimbursement form is used to reimburse an individual. It may not be used in place of university purchasing procedures

  • Use this form to request supplies be ordered. Supplies should be ordered from vendors listed on the UNLV campus contracts which can be found at the UNLV Purchasing website. Whenever possible please attach a print out of the supplies requested.

  • In an effort to make the travel claim process smoother, we have developed this form to assist you in identifying the correct items needed for the claims. This will reduce the possibility of having claims returned and the delay of your reimbursement.