The Education Student Services Center’s Office of Student Success is proud to introduce The Ripple, our newest student-centered publication in the College of Education. The Ripple features the personal education stories of our current students and recent alumni, highlighting the impact of diversity, equity, and inclusion on their PreK-12 experience and how that has shaped who they are as educators and future educators. By bringing light to the vast experiences, backgrounds, and communities around the globe from which our students join us, The Ripple seeks to inform the education community on the roles that racism, adversity, resilience, and antiracism have played in our students’ educational experiences, and how we may work together to continue to build a more equitable and just education system.

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Your Story Matters

Current UNLV students and recent alumni of education-related disciplines are invited to contribute written narratives of their personal education stories. Let your voice be heard through sharing your personal diversity experiences in your PreK-12 journey, how these experiences shaped you as a student, and how your lived experiences have influenced who you are--or strive to become--as an educator or education professional. Upon submitting your narrative, you will be paired with a member of The Ripple’s Editorial Mentor Team who will work individually with you to ensure successful publication.

Submission Guidelines

The Ripple seeks contributions of narratives in which you describe:

  • Your personal diversity experiences in the PreK-12 educational system, for example: 

    • How your cultural identity or identities (e.g., race, ethnicity, SES, sexual orientation, gender, ability status, and/or religion) as a PreK-12 student influenced your experience with peers, teachers, school counselors, etc

    • How your cultural identities influenced your PreK-12 academic experiences

    • What was the role of your school in your community

  • Your experiences of resilience, adversity, and/or advocacy that shaped your student experience during PreK-12 and/or higher education, for example: 

    • What personal and/or community adversity did you experience during your PreK-12 student experience

    • How did your or your community’s resilience play a role in your PreK-12 student experience

    • How did these early and higher education experiences influence your career decision

  • The effects these experiences had on you as a future education/human services professional, for example: 

    • What did you learn from your PreK-12 education experience 

    • How did your experience shape your desires and expectations from your higher education experience

    • How did your experience drive your career choice

    • How will you encourage and support diversity in your career

    • How can the education/human services field become more culturally responsive


Submission Guidelines

  • Deadline: None

  • Format: Word Document with the article title and your name

  • Length: About 1500-2500 words 

  • Submit your article online


What’s next

  • After you submit your article, a member of The Ripple’s editorial mentor team will contact you and help you with edits.

  • Once your edits are complete, your article will be grouped with others and published together. The published volume is then shared with College of Education students, faculty and staff as well as our on- and off-campus community. 


Please submit questions to