Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

The UNLV College of Education is determined to carry out fully the academic, scholarly, business, and other operations of our departments and College. As this situation is ever-changing with substantial implications for our College, we will use the format of this “COE COVID-19 Update Notice” to regularly provide you with the information and guidance that becomes available.

July 30, 2020

Please see the latest updates on student field placements for the fall 2020 semester.

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June 1, 2020

April 2, 2020

Field Placement

The Nevada Department of Education has issued the following recommendations to higher education institutions:

  • Encourage the student teacher and the cooperating teacher to work together virtually in the continuation of modeling exemplary teacher practices
  • Work with district partners to offer student teachers the opportunity to assist with virtual learning at the district level, to include telephonic or virtual tutoring (with observations)
  • Provide the student teacher additional learning opportunities via the institution to support the activities learned during the majority of the student teaching experience

Budget Updates

The Governor’s Finance Office has issued an All Agency Memorandum 2020-10 directing state agencies to immediately limit expenditures to essential, emergency purposes. This will have a tremendous impact on the University as well as the College in the immediate future. More information will be shared as received.

NEW! Certificate in K-8 Integrated STEM Education

The UNLV Graduate College approved a new 12 credit Certificate in K-8 Integrated STEM Education, for implementation in Fall 2020. Thank you to Dr. Micah Stohlmann and other T&L Faculty for developing this important new program for our students.

This Graduate Certificate in K-8 Integrated Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education is designed for individuals in pursuit of professional advancement in the field of STEM Education at the K-8 level. The Certificate will enable students to increase their knowledge of methods for integrating STEM subjects, curriculum available for STEM integration, research done on integrated STEM education, and content knowledge of mathematics and sciences needed to facilitate integrated STEM education effectively.

ICYMI: Spring 2020 Course Grading

Here is the current process for spring 2020 semester grades, described in a recent UNLV Official email.

UNLV will implement the S/U grading option for Spring 2020 as follows:

UNLV faculty will submit final grades for their courses at the end of the Spring 2020 term, according to the grading basis assigned to each course in MyUNLV. If a course was originally scheduled for letter grading, the instructor should submit letter grades. If a course was originally scheduled for S/U grading, the instructor should enter “S” or “U”, according to the revised guidelines that “D-” or better performance is considered “Satisfactory” for undergraduates, and “B-” or better is considered “Satisfactory” for graduate students. Instructors  must submit final grades in MyUNLV no later than 4 p.m. on Tuesday, May 19. This semester, it is more important than ever for grades to be  submitted on time, as students will have a short window in which to submit their petitions to change to S/U grading.

Students will be permitted to submit a petition to change the grading basis to S/U for any Spring 2020 course that has an end date after March 16. Petitions may be submitted only after final grades are posted and will require students to consult with an academic advisor (undergraduate) or faculty advisor and Graduate Coordinator (graduate). Graduate students also may discuss the change in grading basis with their Graduate College RPC coordinator, to understand the impact on GPA and degree requirements, and with Financial Aid to understand the impact on loans and awards.

Requests from undergraduate students will be submitted electronically through the Registrar’s web page, processed by the Faculty Senate Office and the Office of the Registrar, and the appropriate “S” (“D-” or better) or “U” (“F”) grade will be applied in MyUNLV to each course for which a student requested the change in grading basis.

Requests from graduate students will be submitted electronically via the Graduate College web page, then processed by the Graduate College and the Office of the Registrar, and the appropriate “S” (“B-” or better) or “U” (“C+” or lower) grade will be applied in MyUNLV to each course for which a student requested the change in grading basis. Graduate students will be permitted to count up to six credits of “Satisfactory”-graded coursework from Spring 2020 toward Master’s or doctoral degree requirements.

Additional information for faculty regarding requests for a change in grading basis and the impacts on downstream processes, such as prerequisites and degree requirements, will be released in the coming days.

March 31, 2020

Letter to Education Spring 2020 Graduates from Dean Kim K. Metcalf

Every commencement ceremony is a highly anticipated event for our College and a time for a well-deserved celebration for you as well as your proud family, friends, faculty and staff who supported you along the way. For each of you, this momentous time will always be associated with the unprecedented circumstances during which you not only completed your degree goals, but you did so despite the additional difficulties and stress of a worldwide pandemic.

President Meana recently shared a message related to postponement of UNLV’s Spring 2020 Commencement ceremony in order to protect the health of you, your loved ones, and our community.

For similar safety reasons, other scheduled undergraduate and graduate celebration events (e.g., COE Doctoral Celebration, Honors College Medallion Ceremony, Graduate College Hooding Ceremony) have been postponed, cancelled, or adapted as well.

The UNLV Latinx Graduation Celebración will offer a digital video ceremony highlighting Latinx UNLV graduates. The video will be released on May 14, 2020. We encourage you to consider participating if interested. To register for the event, please visit the registration form; registration ends April 17.

We look forward to celebrating with you soon. As the COVID-19 global pandemic continues to unfold, there are many questions that we can’t answer right now. As we learn more, we will communicate with you in the days and weeks to come.

Class of 2020, we are proud of you and acknowledge your sacrifice. We will find ways to honor your achievements. Remember, we are all in this together.


Kim K. Metcalf, PhD, Dean- College of Education

March 30, 2020

Updates from the Office of the EVP&P

We share these additional updates not previously shared in last week’s updates:

  • No decision has been made yet on remote instruction for summer school, but it will be made by April 17.
  • The withdrawal deadline for classes has been extended to April 10 at 5pm.
  • Large university events are canceled through May 31.
  • Minimize on-campus research as much as possible.
  • The University suspended charging late fees to students who have payment plans and pushed due date for final payments until May 16.
  • OIT, Faculty Center, and Online Education continue to provide valuable virtual workshops and one-on-one training, including on how to master online tools and be successful in teaching remotely.

In Gratitude: Field Placement Coordination

In gratitude, I share some of the creative ways below that our field placement coordinators are assisting students progress through field experiences. We appreciate the collective work you are doing, Nancy Brown, Heather Cassella, Kristin Dellasala, Katrina Harris, Katherine Lee, Lois Paretti, and Maria Roberts!

And, a special THANK YOU to Tracy Spies, who has been in continual communication with the Nevada Department of Education as well as CCSD- providing guidance for the COE field placement process along the way.

I hope you will join us to extend thanks to our colleagues for this important work.

Student Teaching
  • Student teachers in early childhood education and special education support their mentor teachers with online instruction or helping with resources for students.
  • Practicum students in early childhood education and special education meet in seminar remotely; alternative activities are also in development.
  • Educational leadership master’s students have substituted virtual interviews for in-person interviews to complete a shadowing assignment; they are completing school improvement plans by meeting virtually with their teams and their principals. Doctoral students are incorporating district level case studies, journaling, and presenting online with the superintendent who teaches their respective class.
  • Practicum students and interns in teaching and learning programs have been engaged in numerous activities with their students, mentors and cohorts. Some of these activities include: peer review of cohort members’ lesson plans, videos, and prompt reflections; development and implementation of a lesson plan to a family member virtually; preparing a Read Aloud for the Zeiter Literacy Center website; writing a reflection paper on their own midterm evaluation and disposition evaluations, or general teaching practice, to identify areas of strengths and improvement; gaining knowledge about NEPF or the CCSD FOCUS 2024 Plan; engaging in multiple reflection activities and teaching lessons using web-based videos; and creating a resource page for their mentor teachers.
Clinical Placements
  • Clinical mental health counseling practicum students and interns are conducting teletherapy across multiple sites.
  • School counseling practicum students and interns are participating alongside their site supervisors in various academic meetings as well as contacting K-12 students directly to support them.
  • Students in the human services program are invited to serve as “clients” to support interns who need additional direct clinical hours- particularly those interns graduating in May 2020.
  • Human services interns are working closely with their site supervisors to fulfill some hours requirements. Furthermore, alternative activities such as the following have been provided: opportunities to complete web-based CEU’s at no cost; development of a community resource manual to be shared with their respective clinical sites; and development of a presentation on a mental health, behavioral, or educational issue that impacts clients at their site or within the profession in general.
  • School psychology practicum students and interns continue to serve clients, engage in alternative assignments to earn hours, and/or are compiling their respective portfolios for graduation.
  • Practicum students and interns across programs continue to work with their university and site supervisors.

March 25, 2020

Faculty in the News

Check this article out today by Dr. Heather Dahl regarding crisis management and trauma responses in children and adults.

Student-Related News

Remote instruction will continue until the end of the semester.

All spring 2020 commencements in the NSHE system are postponed.

The spring 2020 course withdrawal deadline has been extended one week.

Faculty and Staff-Related News

It is still to be determined when faculty and staff will be asked to report back to campus.

Units should plan for summer school courses to be offered online/remote.

Technology Support

Here are some training resources available to create WebEx or Zoom breakout sessions:


March 23, 2020

Student Support

Loaner laptops are available for students and include key research software. Contact Young Bok Kim for assistance.

There are two available financial support resources that students can access:

Other Resources

  • Check out the evolving community webpage for COVID-19 updates and educational and mental health resources
  • The Zeiter Center is presently developing a multi-language, read-aloud video series to be available shortly. UNLV students, faculty, and community members are contributing to this resource currently.

March 18, 2020

Continuous Business Operations

Each department/unit in the College remains open virtually. Administrative assistants are on call and may be reached by dialing their work extension. They can assist callers directly or refer them to the appropriate person.

Technology Support

While working remotely, Young Bok Kim (702-895-3762; and Matt Gromlich (702-895-4567; remain available during regular business hours to assist you with your technology and online course needs.

If you know a student who would benefit from a loaner laptop during this time, please contact Young Bok Kim.

Until further notice, the TBE A311 computer lab remains open for student use. The current hours of operation are Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM. TBE A311 computer lab is equipped with PC computers that have SPSS. Young Bok Kim is actively working to advocate for additional software to be added to these computers (e.g., MPLUS). OIT is currently working on an app that will allow for remote SPSS use. More details are forthcoming from OIT.

Stay informed about COVID-19 by visiting the UNLV COVID-19 Updates page.

March 17, 2020

PRAXIS Exam Schedule

Administration of the PRAXIS Exam has been postponed until May 2020. Please see this letter.

Field Placement and Licensure

This letter has been provided to students engaged in practica, internship, and other field placement activities.

Remote Instruction

All instructional faculty must implement remote alternatives by which students receive and can complete all coursework and required activities beginning March 23. These can include or rely fully on digital methods, but other approaches that maintain social distancing may be included. There is instructor and student support available. In addition to the resources provided through OIT and the University’s Faculty Center, in addition to College-level support from Mr. Matt Gromlich (Embedded Instructional Technologist) and Mr. Young Bok Kim (Director of Information Technology).

If you know of or are a student who would benefit from a loaner laptop during this time, please contact Young Bok Kim (

Student and Faculty Research

Students may be concerned about meeting programmatic benchmarks due to lack of access to study populations at UNLV, CCSD, or other community organizations. Data collection challenges may contribute to delays in programmatic progress or worse case, graduation. We recognize the considerable stress that this situation is placing on student research. The graduate college has issued some guidance for current students and their advisors, particularly around extended deadlines for culminating experiences.

Please be aware that remote dissertation or thesis defenses have requirements related to using Webex that are outlined by the graduate college. More importantly, if students were planning to graduate this spring or summer and are facing data collection challenges, we ask programs and committees to support student progression as much as possible while still maintaining rigor. As always, requirements are at the discretion of programs and faculty, but students may need to consider alternative routes to completion of their benchmarks, including options such as secondary data analyses. Faculty mentorship is invaluable during this time and we thank you for supporting your students.

Faculty may also have concerns related to their own research for similar data access issues. The UNLV COVID-19 webpage now has a section called "Information for Researchers" that provides up-to-date guidance and information for UNLV faculty. For those of you working on externally funded projects, please consult the guidance documents issued by your funding agencies. You may be eligible for no-cost extensions or supplemental funding if your work is significantly disrupted. Please see the guidance from the NSF and NIH.

Please also be aware that the National Science Foundation has issued a "Dear Colleague" letter outlining funding opportunities to address some of the many challenges faced by society during this public health emergency. Please reach out to Francisco Mejia if you are interested in pursuing these opportunities.