Nevada Institute on Teaching & Educator Preparation

The Nevada Institute on Teaching & Educator Preparation (NITEP) was created via Senate Bill 548 during the 2017 Nevada Legislative Session. The College of Education at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas was selected to host NITEP in November 2017.

NITEP’s goals are to:

  • Establish a highly selective and comprehensive licensure program that recruits promising students and grants increasing autonomy and additional responsibilities throughout the program.
  • Conduct innovative and extensive research concerning the preparation and training of teachers.
  • Continually evaluate, develop and disseminate approaches to teaching that address the varied settings in which pupils are educated.
Photo of Nevada Institute on Teaching & Educator Preparation

Recruiting the Best & Brightest for a Unique Opportunity

A central component of UNLV’s NITEP strategy is the establishment of a fellowship program for undergraduate students, which will provide both financial rewards to fellows and distinct leadership opportunities that are not typically available to undergraduate education students. Our goal is to enlist promising scholars into teaching, to prepare them in an environment that demands constant innovation, and to ready them for advanced leadership opportunities throughout their careers.

Who is a NITEP Fellow?

  • Top 20% of graduating class
  • Eager to make a difference through a positive contribution to Nevada education
  • Strives to be an active participant in shaping the next generation of educator preparation
  • Actively seeks more responsibilities and leadership roles

What opportunities are available?

  • Fellowship may be combined with other awards, such as the Teach Nevada Scholarship (link to TNV page)
  • Work directly with esteemed faculty on research projects in local schools
  • Have a meaningful voice in the future direction of teacher preparation in Nevada and beyond
  • Help launch a bold and substantive initiative with a focus on constant innovation What are the advantages for my career?
  • Foster strong connections with the local education community
  • Build a network of other cohorts of NITEP Fellows and world-class faculty and researchers
  • Cultivate and demonstrate your leadership abilities.

Ready to start your journey?

The College of Education is actively searching for its second cohort of NITEP Fellows. Interested applicants should apply BEFORE APRIL 1, 2019 using the application below.

NITEP Application

Contact for more information.