Nevada Institute on Teaching & Educator Preparation

The Nevada Institute on Teaching & Educator Preparation (NITEP) is an initiative that has a goal to enroll new students and aspiring scholars into teaching, and prepare them for an environment that demands constant innovation. NITEP was created via Senate Bill 548 during the 2017 Nevada Legislative Session. The College of Education at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas was selected to host NITEP in November 2017. With this unique initiative, that places students in an advanced study program, future educators will gain skills to serve as mentors and leaders in Nevada K-12 school systems.

A central component to NITEP is to provide both financial rewards to "fellows", as the program is referred to as a fellowship, and distinct leadership opportunities for the undergraduate education student.

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NITEP Objectives

Help students conduct new and extensive research around the training and preparation of teachers! Evaluate, develop and conduct approaches to teaching that address a variety of educational settings! Establish a program that will license students who wish to make an impact in educational settings, while grant in autonomy and building responsibility!

Recruiting the Best & Brightest for a Unique Opportunity

A central component of UNLV’s NITEP strategy is the establishment of a fellowship program for undergraduate students, which will provide both financial rewards to fellows and distinct leadership opportunities that are not typically available to undergraduate education students. Our goal is to enlist promising scholars into teaching, to prepare them in an environment that demands constant innovation, and to ready them for advanced leadership opportunities throughout their careers.

Who is eligible to become a NITEP Fellow?

  1. Competitive high school cumulative grade point average
  2. Higher ranking in class rank
  3. ACT or SAT test scores
  4. Innovative and critical thinking skills
  5. Strong desire to be an educator in the K-12 system

NITEP Awards

Stipend: $25,000 in total

  • Freshman $ 2,500
  • Sophomore $ 5,000
  • Junior $ 7,500
  • Senior $10,000

Other Perks and Benefits

From the start of the program, students receive

  • Financial packages to help offset tuition.
  • Direct mentorship from education practitioners, faculty members, researchers, and community constituents.
  • A Young Professional Starter Kit, which includes a laptop, portfolios, business cards,
  • NITEP branded attire, and much more.
  • Hands on training to challenge students to view teacher education through multiple lenses

Ready to start your journey?

The College of Education is not currently accepting NITEP fellow applications. Please continue to check this link or contact us.

NITEP Application

Meet the NITEP Mentors

NITEP Mentors Spotlight

Teach for America Corp Members Mentor the Next Generation of Educators

New technologies in the 21st century have altered different teaching practices/programs in education. With this growing need in mind, the Nevada Institute on Teaching & Educator Preparation (NITEP) was created via Senate Bill 548 during the 2017 Nevada Legislative Session. The College of Education at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, was selected to host this initiative. With a special focus on assessing and catering to the unique needs of Nevada education, this program prepares students for the rigors of teaching and has a strong commitment to research that overall elevates educational outcomes for K-12 education. The NITEP initiative has three goals: support pre-service teachers, community engagement, and support educational research.

NITEP fellows include undergraduate students with different majors under the College of Education. They engage in research opportunities that help them as they become teachers who make choices daily in the classroom, all while engaging local communities and facilitating next-generation educational research. Following the traditional coursework path to their degree, the fellows also receive a stipend each year they participate in NITEP and pave the way for future educators. The fellows are also supported with multiple other pathways for engagement not available to non- NITEP students. NITEP has partnered with Teach for America to provide fellows with mentors, who are current teachers that provide their experience and help undergraduate students prepare for their future as educators.

This semester, there are five Teach for America mentors in the NITEP program: Katelyn Anderson, Joshua Bunzel, Monique LaBarre, Jesus Lopez, and Jesse Sanchez.

Katelyn Anderson
Joshua Bunzel
Monique LaBarre
Jesus Lopez
Jesse Sanchez