Technology Assessment Committee

The Technology Assessment Committee (TAC) was created by the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance (LVGEA) and UNLV’s Office of Economic Development (OED) and is comprised of subject matter experts, entrepreneurs, mentors, venture capitalists, leaders in the business community, and government representatives who assess and champion opportunities to commercial success and stimulate economic growth and diversification.

The committee and UNLV’s Office of Economic Development work in partnership to advance protectable opportunities with significant market impact through start-up, licensing, and business development strategies. By leveraging resources, the committee will become a catalyst in driving economic development and diversification within Southern Nevada and the surrounding regions. These combined efforts will unify the economic development sectors through a document driven assessment and commercialization process.

TAC provides important protection and market information so that OED and the business community can make educated decisions whether to expend resources protecting and commercializing promising inventions.

Although a wide range of research activity takes place at UNLV, opportunities reviewed by TAC may come from the following disciplines:

  • Biotechnology: creation of useful products based on the manipulation and use of cells, microorganisms, and their components.
  • Information Technology: use of data processing equipment, software, and processes to store, retrieve, translate, and manipulate data.
  • Engineering: creation and maintenance of new structures, devices, machines, systems, materials and processes.

This unique public-private partnership has established a gateway for economic development and diversity for commercialization in the State of Nevada.