1. Login to the DRC portal
  2. Click Alternative Testing from the navigation links on the left.
My Accommodations list in the DRC Portal with Alternative Testing highlighted
  1. Select a course from the dropdown associated with the quiz or exam being scheduled.
  2. Click the Schedule an Exam button to continue.
Testing accommodation form with Select Class text and Schedule an Exam button highlighted
  1. Indicate what you are scheduling from the Request Type dropdown.
  2. Select the quiz or exam date from the dropdown.
A drop menu to schedule an exam date in the DRC portal
A field to input the date with a calendar icon next to it in the DRC portal
  1. Select the time of your class from the Time dropdown.
  2. Select the necessary testing accommodations from the checkboxes under the Services Requested heading.
  3. Select the necessary technology under Required Technology heading only if required.
A list of required technology to select for an exam in the DRC portal
  1. Click the Add Exam Request button to complete your request.
  2. Confirm that your request was submitted correctly by locating the System Update is Successful prompt at the top of the page.
A System Update is Successful prompt to confirm your accommodation request