Matching students with jobs that matter.

UNLVCareerConnect … The Success Specialists

At UNLVCareerConnect, we are happiest when we’re matching our students with jobs that matter. But what makes a job matter … is a personal thing. According to a recent and ground breaking study by the Boston Consulting Group, there are several factors that employees seek … including what most people traditionally expected to be at the top of the list: Attractive, fixed salary, job security, and loving what you do, etc. But at the top of the list, was the surprise and the game changer: being appreciated for your work and having good relationships with your colleagues. To make a good job match, we have to know you and our employers.

Success happens … but it’s not an accident. And it doesn’t happen overnight. That doesn’t mean it has to take forever, either. When you do what you love … and you know what you’re doing, success becomes a repeatable process.

Sally StJohn

Who’s eligible?

  • You must an enrolled student at UNLV maintaining a good academic standing. Recent graduates (within one year) are also invited to apply.
  • You must also maintain a current, open case with our community partner, the Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation, (BVR). If you don’t have an open case with BVR, you must meet their eligibility criteria, which means you must have a significant disability that creates an impediment to employment … and you must be ready, willing, and able to work.

80% of our students have “hidden disabilities." UNLVCareerConnect can help, from your freshman year through graduation, and beyond. We’ll walk you through the steps of a successful campus experience into arms of gainful employment.

What’s so special?

UNLVCareerConnect is not like the Campus Career Center, an employment agency or even Job Connect. Although we may, at times, use these, and other employment resources, our specially trained career specialists and job developers use a team approach to create and follow a program, designed especially for you. It’s not rocket science, but it kind of is. It uses a formula that works, and when combined with one of the most sophisticated employment computer systems, creates timely, targeted results. The only variable is you … and your level of commitment. How fast do you want to go and when do you want to start?

For students

  • Internships / Job Placement
  • Resume Assistance
  • Interviewing / Job Seeking skills
  • Personalized Attention / Follow-up

For employers

  • Pre-matched highly skilled workers
  • Pre-screened candidates – never a fee
  • Internships, OJT, tax saving programs
  • Min 90 days employee follow-up

Interested? Want more information?

Phone Number702-895-4571
LocationCBC C328
We’ll send you the Eligibility Check-List. It has everything you’ll need to gather together should you want to take the next step. You can also stop into CareerConnect any Wednesday at 1:00 for Walk-in Wednesdays.

People are talking!

“It was more than just boning up my job search … She got to know me as an individual and helped me to build my confidence. I am forever grateful for the help she extended to prepare resumes and cover letters that were of a more targeted nature.”

Graduate, Law

"CareerConnect has opened doors for greater opportunities for individuals like myself (physically challenged) that go above and beyond what would be considered basic services available to both non-disabled and the disabled. [They] focus on unique resources that equalize the playing field for employment possibilities for individuals facing adversity who have professional capabilities by addressing the barriers to gainful employment."

Graduate, Social Work