Climate Survey

Creating a campus that is diverse, comfortable, and inclusive for all its members is a critical component of UNLV’s strategic planning efforts.

The campus climate survey — which measures employee perception, satisfaction, and morale — serves as a barometer of university’s diversity efforts and current state of affairs.

The first survey was administered in November of 2010. The second survey was conducted in spring 2015 with subsequent surveys — targeting a specific area and/or topic — planned for every year.

2015 Climate Survey 2010 Climate Survey

The 2015 Climate Survey

The Full Participation Committee was formed in November 2012 and charged with conducting the 2015 campus climate survey. The committee distributed the survey to all full-time faculty and staff in February 2015. Its task having been accomplished, the Full Participation Committee was dissolved, with responsibility for campus climate surveys being tasked to the Office of Diversity Initiatives. Future surveys will be conducted annually, and will also include part-time employees.

Survey Results

Survey results will:

  • Be incorporated into the strategic planning process.
  • Assist the President and Provost in determining campus policies.
  • Be used by the Office of Diversity Initiatives in part to set its agenda.

The survey results will be made available to the university community.

Survey Distribution

This survey was administered to all full-time UNLV employees.

This survey was anonymous, and the identity of survey participants will not be linked to individual responses. Researchers will not be able to match a participant’s answers with his/her name or identity. However, demographic information will be collected in order to extrapolate the specific views of subpopulations of employees, including women, racial and ethnic minorities, persons living with a disability, and gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender employees.