Initiatives Archive



January 2016—An investigator is hired for the Office of Compliance.

January 2016—UNLV, through the Office of Diversity Initiatives, hosts the 3rd annual Native American Language and History Symposium.

January 2016—Strategic Diversity Project sub-committees begin work on identified sub-recommendations of Williams Report:

  • Initiating a diversity branding campaign
  • Improving diversity fundraising
  • Developing a major, annual campus diversity celebration/event to be convened by the UNLV President
  • Creating an annual University & Dean/VP diversity reporting structure
  • Examining low-pass-rate courses for disproportionate impacts along racial/ethnic/gender dimensions
  • Assessing the Faculty Diversity Hiring Program (FDHP)
  • Exploring the adequacy of the current diversity curriculum (multicultural and international general education requirements)
  • Developing the 2016 campus climate survey

February 2016—UNLV hosts the Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund’s “Jump Start College Tour”.

April 2016—UNLV is selected as the host site for The Alliance of HSI Educators (AHSIE) 9th Annual Best Practices Conference, to be held in spring of 2017.

June 2016—A second investigator is hired for the Office of Compliance.

July 2016—UNLV Multicultural Program for STEM and Health Sciences, through the Office of Diversity Initiatives, hosts the 3rd annual Nevada Summer Transportation Institute Summer Camp, with over 30 high school student participants.

October 2016—Office of Diversity Initiatives co-sponsors UNLV’s annual Diversity Research & Mentorship reception. Attendees learn about faculty of color research interests, publications, & courses taught and discuss research and mentor opportunities.

Fall 2016—The 2016 Campus Climate Survey will be released later in the year than anticipated so as to not conflict with a climate survey to be administered in spring 2016 as part of UNLV’s ADVANCE Grant initiative.

Fall 2016—UNLV, through the Office of Diversity Initiatives, hosts the 5th annual NSHE Southern Diversity Summit.


January 2015—Damon Williams conducts another site visit at UNLV.

January 2015—University names the Associate Vice Provost for Academic Affairs as Interim Chief Diversity Officer in a dual-role appointment.

February 2015—Campus Climate Survey is conducted. The Chief Diversity Officer announces that Campus Climate Surveys at UNLV will be conducted annually from this point on.

March 2015—The 2015 Campus Climate Survey Report is released.

March 2015—The UNLV Office of Diversity Initiatives, through the Chief Diversity Officer, begins a series of meetings on enhancing Latino Student Success with members of the Latin Chamber of Commerce, the Latino Leadership Council Education Committee, and the Clark County School District.

March 2015—UNLV achieves the requirements for meeting the regulatory definition of a Hispanic-Serving Institution.

March 2015—Damon Williams provides his final report to UNLV (Williams Report).

May 2015—UNLV Office of Diversity Initiatives is reorganized in order to align with the needs of responding to the Williams Report. This overall response will be known as the Strategic Diversity Project.

June 2015—The Williams Report is provided to the BOR Cultural Diversity Committee at the June 2015 Board meeting. The Chief Diversity Officer provides a report and answers questions from Regents.

June 2015—Acting on comments made by US Senator Harry Reid, UNLV begins a four-month investigation and analysis of the Rebels nickname and Hey Reb! mascot, headed by the Chief Diversity Officer

July 2015—UNLV creates an Office of Compliance and hires its first Director of Compliance, so that a single office will handle issues relating to EEO/AA, Title IX, ADA, Clery, VAWA, etc. There are searches underway for an investigator and an administrative assistant.

Summer 2015—Chief Diversity Officer organizes the Strategic Diversity Project Steering Committee, which will lead the high-level effort of responding to the Williams Report.

July 2015—Chief Diversity Officer, in his capacity as Associate Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, provides assistance to the Interdisciplinary, Gender, and Ethnic Studies unit and the College of Liberal Arts regarding the completion and processing of curriculum forms necessary for re-establishing the African-American Studies Program that was placed on hiatus in 2012 due to chronic student low enrollment.

August 2015—UNLV is awarded a $1.5M Title III Asian American Native American Pacific Islander-Serving Institutions (AANAPISI) Program Grant through the work of the Center for Academic Enrichment and Outreach.

Fall 2015—Strategic Diversity Project Steering Committee meets during the semester to determine which sub-recommendations of the Williams Report to focus on first.

Fall 2015—UNLV launches UNLV Connects, a three-high school cohort program, resulting directly from the earlier conversations with Latino leaders, and developed by the University Registrar.

September 2015—UNLV, through the Office of Diversity Initiatives, participates in the White House Initiative on Asian Pacific Islander’s 2015 “iCount Symposium” in Washington, D.C.

October 2015—Chief Diversity Officer and the Chair of the American Indian Alliance begin meetings with the Associate Vice President for Enrollment & Student Services and the Executive Director of Financial Aid & Scholarships to discuss interstate tuition waivers for American Indian students.

October 2015—Office of Diversity Initiatives co-sponsors UNLV’s annual Diversity Research & Mentorship reception. Attendees learn about faculty of color research interests, publications, & courses taught and discuss research and mentor opportunities.

November 2015—Chief Diversity Officers delivers the UNLV Nickname and Mascot report to the UNLV President.

November 2015—Deputy Executive Director of the Center for Academic Enrichment and Outreach, the Dean of the College of Hotel Administration, and the Chief Diversity Officer meet with the President and the Vice President of the Asian & American Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund to discuss partnering with UNLV on Asian & Pacific Islander student success.

November 2015—UNLV hosts Native American rights activist and Presidential Medal of Freedom winner Suzan Harjo for a public forum in the Law School.


January 2014—Nationally renowned diversity consultant Dr. Damon Williams agrees to assist UNLV with its diversity planning process.

April 2014—Damon Williams conducts a two-day site visit at UNLV, speaking with campus leadership and constituency groups.

Spring 2014—Damon Williams and the Office of Academic Affairs engage in months-long telephone and email conversations and exchange of documents relating to diversity at UNLV.

July 2014—Damon Williams provides a preliminary report of observations to UNLV leadership.

Fall 2014—Planning accelerates for the next Campus Climate Survey.


April 2013—Provost initiates the Faculty Diversity Hiring Program, which requires the establishment of search pool goals and an evaluation of search pool demographics prior to search committee members gaining access to candidate files in academic faculty searches.

Fall 2013—After the Full Participation Committee reports being unable to progress further, the Provost authorizes hiring a diversity consultant to assist the process. The Committee on Full Participation, Diversity and Engagement is tasked with refocusing on preparing the next Campus Climate Survey.


Summer 2012—University President creates the position and appoints first University Ombuds.

Summer 2012—Executive Vice President and Provost establishes the Leadership Development Academy, which is designed specifically to encourage and enable minorities and women to serve as fellows and receive high-level administrative experiences for a year.

Summer 2012—A new academic faculty mentoring program is put in place, whereby new faculty are provided with mentors outside of their departments. This program is intended to supplement in-department mentoring by giving new faculty the ability to ask questions they might feel uncomfortable voicing within their departments.

November 2012—The Committee on Full Participation, Diversity, and Engagement is formed as a result of the September 2011 Faculty Senate report, and charged with writing a campus diversity plan. Dr. Rainier Spencer, Senior Advisor the President, as well as founder and previous director of the UNLV Afro-American Studies Program, is named chair of this committee.


Spring 2011—University President creates the President's Advisory Council, which is comprised of various campus constituency groups, and meets monthly with him.

September 2011—UNLV Faculty Senate approves the recommendations contained in a report on the 2010 Campus Climate Survey written by the Campus Affairs Committee of the Senate. These recommendations include the following: "That the President charge a committee to work with the Office of Diversity Initiatives to develop a diversity planning process to provide structure, accountability and stability. The outcome of the planning process should culminate in a university-wide diversity plan, which defines strategies and assigns accountability for achieving the University's goals. Such plan to include both annual exit interviews of faculty and staff, and periodic campus climate surveys which include academic and administrative faculty, and classified staff, the data from which shall be publicly available. All current and available historical data on climate will be made public as part of this planning process."


November 2010—Campus Climate Survey conducted.