Doctor of Philosophy - Environmental Science

The Environmental Science Ph.D. Program is an interdisciplinary program that fosters an understanding of interrelationships between biophysical and social science in addition to requiring depth of study in specialized areas. It emphasizes the need to understand the social context and environmental consequences of using science and technology to serve human needs.

Learning Objectives

The main objectives of the Environmental Science graduate program at UNLV are to:

  • Promote the understanding of environmental systems, the relationship among science, environmental management and the human condition, and the effective management of that relationship.
  • Respond to local, state, regional, national and international needs for environmental professionals with advanced degrees.
  • Assist in the process of shifting toward more sustainable practices in our local community, state and throughout the world.
  • Encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration to find new and creative solutions to environmental problems.

Career Possibilities

Gr​aduates with an M.S. in Environmental Science are qualified for a wide range of careers with local, regional, and federal resource management organizations, in both public and private sector. Graduates conduct field research, GIS analysis, support environmental impact statements, and a variety of other tasks. Many of our graduates also continue their graduate studies in doctoral programs at UNLV and other institutions.