Master of Science - Transportation

The Master of Science in Transportation degree program is terminal in nature and oriented toward the practice of transportation science, with emphasis on the planning and operations aspects of transportation systems. It is intended for applicants who have backgrounds in areas other than engineering or closely related disciplines, and who either presently work for or aspire to work for transportation agencies or firms.

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Learning Objectives

Graduates will meet the expectations of employers seeking transportation professionals with expertise in the planning and operations of transportation systems, including the abilities to:

  • Demonstrate advanced knowledge and technical skills in transportation planning, analysis and operations,
  • Apply advanced knowledge and skills to the planning of transportation systems and solution of transportation problems
  • Lead or coordinate the technical efforts of other professionals in areas of transportation planning, analysis and operations

Career Possibilities

A Master of Science in Transportation (MST) is intended for individuals who seek employment as transportation analysts or planners. It can assist with qualifications for hire for advanced technical or management positions where a Master’s degree is required.

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