Master of Music - Theory/Composition; Concentration in Classical

The Master of Music degree in Theory/Composition includes studies in conducting, performance, music history, and music theory, and prepares musicians with career aspirations as arrangers/composers.

Learning Objectives

Students graduating from the UNLV School of Music with a Master of Music degree will:

  • Demonstrate advanced competencies in the area of specialization requisite for artistic expression.
  • Display the ability to work in the area of specialization with a broad range of knowledge, skills, and perspectives within a full range of musical styles, including the capacities to engage musically, artistically, and intellectually beyond the area of specialization.
  • Develop advanced capabilities to work independently and make effective artistic and intellectual judgments and professional decisions in the area of specialization.
  • Synthesize performance, historical, stylistic, analytical, and technological information to form musical interpretations and inform scholarly research.
  • Demonstrate broad graduate-level perspectives on contemporary issues and problems in music education, including curriculum development, teaching methodology, educational innovation, etc (Music Education Only).

Career Possibilities

There are many careers and job options available to musicians with the talent, skill, and imagination that we help you develop through your academic program.

Most musicians do a combination of jobs and professional activities, including:

  • Performer
  • Composer
  • Contractor
  • Teacher
  • Arts administrator
  • Music technologist

Performers find employment as:

  • Conductors
  • Solo and chamber musicians
  • Commercial or studio musicians
  • Ensemble players
  • Freelancers
  • Military ensemble performers

Composers work as:

  • Arrangers
  • Orchestrators
  • Film Composers
  • Copyists

Music educators teach in:

  • Private studios
  • Public schools
  • Colleges and universities
  • Community music schools
  • Early childhood music programs (Suzuki, Kindermusik, etc.)

There are many other positions in arts administration; artist management; media music; music retailing; instrument repair, manufacturing, and design; and the recording industry. Only the talent, skill, and imagination of the candidate limit your career.

Graduate Catalog

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