Minor in Information Technology

Information Technology (IT) is comprised of a set of topics encompassing technologies in Human Computer Interaction (HCI), information management, programming, information assurance, and web systems. The completion of the IT minor equips students with skills such as web development with Ruby on Rails and LAMP, database development using RDBMS and NoSQL technologies, and information assurance and security.

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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to:

  • Apply programming principles in the construction of software systems.
  • Implement development concepts to create web-based applications.
  • Develop and interact with data sets using different tools and techniques.


  • CS 140: Computing Languages
  • ITE 451: Managing Big Data and Web Databases or
    CS 457: Database Systems
  • ITE 444: Human Computer Interaction for IT
  • CS 443: Information Assurance
  • CS 270/270L: Web Development
  • CS 490: Preparation for Certificate
  • Elective in Student's Field of Study

Career Possibilities

There are many alternative career paths for students pursuing a minor in Information Technology. Potential careers include data analysis, web development, and database administration. The minor is an opportunity for students to further advance one's academic experiences and hence career opportunities in the expanding field of information technology.


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