Bachelor of Science in Public Administration

The B.S.P.A. offers undergraduate students an opportunity to provide individuals with the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to move into professional administrative positions in government agencies.

Learning Objectives

Intellectual Breadth and Lifelong Learning

  • To transfer knowledge and skills gained from general and specialized studies to new settings and complex problems.

Inquiry and Critical Thinking

  • To be able to use quanitative and qualitative methods to analyze problems.
  • To be able to recognize the complexity of problems and identify different perspectives from which problems may be viewed.
  • To be able to identify, analyze and evaluate reasoning and construct and defend arguments, both oral and written in nature.


  • To be able to effectively use the common genres and conventions for writing within a discipline.
  • To be able to prepare and deliver effective oral presentations.
  • To be able to collaborate effectively to share information, solve problems, and complete tasks.

Global/Multicultural Knowledge and Awareness

  • To be able to respond to diverse perspectives linked to identity, both in American and international contexts.
  • To be able to function effectively in diverse groups.

Citizenship and Ethics

  • To be able to acquire knowledge about political, economic and social institutions.
  • To be able to identify the rights and obligations of citizens.
  • To be able to apply ethical concepts and theories to specific dilemmas in their personal and professional lives.

Degree Worksheets

Plans of Study

Representative Syllabi