Bachelor of Arts in Theatre; Concentration in Theatre Studies

The theatre studies concentration offers generalized study in all aspects of theater for students seeking a professional career in teaching, performance, design/ technology, and/or continued practical, artistic, or scholarly study beyond the bachelor's level. In addition to the general core and theatre core, theatre studies students choose from a broad range of courses that blend the best of both design/technology and performance. The concentration requires fewer credits specific to the major and is a good choice for students enrolled in the Honors College or students pursuing a double major or a minor in another department. Theatre studies is often the best choice for transfer students as it allows easier integration of classes taken elsewhere.

Learning Objectives

  • Communication Techniques- appropriate for the concentration that may include some or all of these techniques: acting, voice, movement, dance, computer and hand drafting, drawing and painting, collage construction, and speech, model building
  • Production Skills- appropriate for the concentration that may include some or all of these skills: rehearsal etiquette, learning lines, practicing scenes, construction skills used in the lighting, scenery, and costume production studios, as well as following direction, performance responsibilities and time management
  • Academic Skills- writing, research, discussion
  • Professional preparation- self marketing as is timely and appropriate in their program- preparing audition material, attending auditions, creating a resume, learning networking techniques, portfolio preparation- from digital to hard copy, applying to graduate schools
  • The ability to study and analyze plays; have an understanding of genre, style, and direction through the study of plays and theatre history
  • An understanding of the contextual importance of theatre in the humanities, in the fine arts and part of the human experience