University and Government Affairs


Welcome to CSUN’s committee of University and Government Affairs (UGA). CSUN strives to better the undergraduate students at UNLV. In doing so, this committee exists for several purposes:

  1. UGA is here to advocate for the university, specifically, its undergraduate students. Any changes, complaints, or compliments that you would like to see out of CSUN can go through this committee.
  2. UGA is here to serve as the connection between the CSUN Senate Committees, UNLV undergraduates, local, state, and federal government officials, and the university by supporting and drafting proposals to increase student interests, needs, and welfare.


Will respond within 24 hours not including weekends.

Trey Curtis-Brown, Chair
Please allow 48 hours for a response.

Petition System

The purpose of the CSUN Petition System is to establish a direct connection between the concerns of the student body and the UNLV Student Government. CSUN petitions will encourage campus participation by identifying issues associated with the student body. This approach will enable students to address problems within the university and to create and support petitions that will prompt a response from the UNLV CSUN Student Government.


Any undergraduate student currently enrolled at UNLV may submit a petition.