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Out of an abundance of caution, UNLV has transitioned to remote/virtual instruction beginning Monday, March 23, immediately following spring break.

FAQs for Fall 2020 Semester Schedule

Get your questions answered concerning the Fall 2020 Semester schedule.

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Update on Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Grading for Summer Term

NSHE Chancellor Thom Reilly announced June 24 that the option for students to request a change to satisfactory/unsatisfactory (S/U) grading has been extended to summer term 2020 courses. The deadline for spring 2020 S/U grading requests has passed. Students who wish to request grading basis changes for spring should use the Faculty Senate General Petition Form.

Students will be able to request a change to S/U grading AFTER final grades for each summer session they have posted. At this time, the S/U option will NOT extend to fall 2020 courses. Please see below for important information about the S/U grading process.

Boyd School of Law, UNLV School of Medicine, and School of Dental Medicine will establish their own procedures for summer 2020 grades. Law, medical, and dental students should consult with their respective Deans’ offices.

Forms to request a change in grading basis to S/U will be available starting July 15, 2020 in the UNLV Self-Service Center for undergraduate students, and in the Grad Rebel Gateway for graduate students. Log in to the UNLV Self-Service Center to learn more about how to complete the form and which factors to consider before making this request, or visit academic advising FAQ or the Graduate College Coronavirus Update page.

Forms will only be accepted AFTER final grades post in MyUNLV for each summer session. It is important that you check your final grades, so that you are aware of the letter grades you might choose to replace.

The last day to submit the grade basis change form for a summer course will be September 8, 2020 at 5:00 P.M. PDT.

You must communicate with an academic advisor or graduate coordinator BEFORE you submit your grade basis change form, to be sure you understand the potential impacts of S/U grades on your degree progression.

If you request a change to S/U grading for any of your courses, the Office of the Registrar will make changes according to the following equivalencies:

“S” = “D-” or better for undergraduate students

“S” = “B-” or better for graduate students

“U” = “F” for undergraduate students

“U” = “C+” or lower for graduate students

“S” and “U” grades are not included in grade point average (GPA) or grade point balance calculations. If you choose the S/U option for all of your classes, you will have no summer 2020 term GPA, and your cumulative GPA will not change. If you choose the S/U option for some of your summer courses, only those courses for which you keep letter grades will be used to calculate your term GPA.

You should contact Financial Aid Services if you have questions about the impact of S/U grades on your aid/scholarship eligibility.

“S” grades will satisfy most prerequisites and graduation requirements. However, you should consult with your academic advisor about specific requirements of your program.

“S” grades in courses that serve as prerequisites will enable you to register for fall 2020 courses through MyUNLV.

Students in Social Work and Pre-Nursing will not be able to request S/U grading for certain required courses. These courses will be listed on the S/U petition form for summer.

Software and Technology Resources

The Office of Information Technology continues to offer its services to students, no matter where you are learning this semester. OIT has launched a few new services, which are listed below:

  • RebelApps, a virtual computer labs service, allows students to access 40+ specialized software at no cost - on any device, anytime, anywhere.
  • Students can also install the software on their own devices. A list of temporary software licensing is available online.
  • The IT Help Desk remains available for technical assistance between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. daily, including weekends. Submit a help request online, email, or call 702-895-0777 for assistance.

Parking Refunds

To request a prorated refund for a student parking permit, please email: and include the following information:

  • Name
  • Permit type
  • Permit number
  • Current mailing address

** Please note that the date the email is sent will determine the proration.

Visit the Parking and Transportation Services website to pay citations.

Please call the Parking and Transportation Services Office at 702-895-1300 with any questions.

Meal Plan Refunds

While UNLV continues to offer take-out at the Dining Commons, students who are not on campus and have meal plans can apply for refunds. Guidance is provided below based on individual student plans.

On-Campus Residents (Dayton, Tonopah, South Complex, UCC)

  • Follow UNLV Housing move out procedures
  • Ensure that you are set up for direct deposit in MyUNLV for a refund
  • Change your MyUNLV address for a refund in MyUNLV (providing a forwarding address with the USPS is not enough, you must update your address in MyUNLV)
  • Refunds will be provided on a prorated daily basis (note, if there is excessive use, the remaining balance will be refunded, rather than the prorated amount)
  • Contact UNLV Housing with questions: 702-895-3489 or

Commuter Meal Plans

  • Refunds will be provided on a prorated daily basis (note, if there is excessive use, the remaining balance will be refunded, rather than the prorated amount).
  • Contact Chable Bracken at Aramark (UNLV’s Dining Service Provider) at 702-895-5689 or email


Update on Student Tuition Payment Plans

The Nevada System of Higher Education Board of Regents voted on Tuesday, April 7, to temporarily suspend provisions related to delinquent accounts for students facing financial hardships. Students who are on tuition payment plans will not incur any late payment fees and their payments may be delayed up to Sept. 30, 2020. Additionally, students with a balance due will be able to register for summer and fall terms and receive transcripts and other academic records, including grades, diplomas, and certificates.

Students with and without outstanding balances from spring or summer 2020 who register for the fall 2020 semester will be required to pay the balance for their courses or have a payment plan in place by the beginning of the semester under the temporary policy suspension.

Spring 2020 Course Grading

Following similar actions by colleges and universities across the U.S., NSHE Chancellor Thom Reilly announced on March 25 that all NSHE institutions shall make the "S/U" grading option available to all students for the Spring 2020 semester. This will provide flexibility to students and faculty in light of campus closures and changes in course content delivery related to COVID-19 emergency measures.

UNLV has also extended its deadline to drop or completely withdraw from classes to Friday, April 10 to allow students as much flexibility as possible in making decisions about their spring courses.

Instructors will submit final course letter grades for Spring 2020 courses, as usual, no later than 4 p.m. on Tuesday, May 19. Once letter grades have posted in MyUNLV, students will be permitted to submit a petition to change the grading basis to S/U for any or all Spring 2020 courses, except for those modular courses that ended before March 16. Petitions may be submitted only after final grades are posted.

The Office of the Registrar (undergraduate students) and the Graduate College (graduate students) will provide electronic Request for Change of Grading Basis forms on their respective web pages. These forms will be accepted starting on Wednesday, May 20 (after Spring 2020 semester grades are posted), through 5 p.m. on Friday, June 5. Students who have applied for Spring 2020 graduation must submit their petitions no later than Friday, May 22, 2020, as grades cannot be changed once a degree is posted. Because the window for petitions is limited, it is important for students to consult with advisors as soon as possible (see below).

Once a student’s request has been approved, the grading basis cannot be changed back to a letter grade. Official transcripts requested after the petition is processed will reflect only the “S” or “U” grade, and not the original letter grade.

Information for Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate petitions for a change of grading basis must be initiated by students in consultation with their academic advisors, who will ensure that students are aware of the potential impact of S/U grading on Grade Point Average (GPA), eligibility for financial aid, prerequisites for future courses, and completion of degree requirements. Undergraduate students considering a change in grading basis should consult with an academic advisor as soon as possible to discuss their options.

Once submitted electronically, requests from undergraduate students will be processed by the Faculty Senate Office and the Office of the Registrar, and the appropriate “S” (“D-” or better) or “U” (“F”) grade will be applied in MyUNLV to each course for which a student requested the change in grading basis.

Additional information regarding requests for a change in grading basis and the impacts on other grade-related processes, such as prerequisites and degree requirements, will be released in the coming days.

Thank you for your patience, understanding, and continued dedication to your academic pursuits during this challenging time. Please visit this site for regular updates, announcements, and resources available to students.

Information for Graduate Students

Graduate students petitioning for a change of grading basis should discuss the implications of S/U grading with their faculty advisor and Graduate Coordinator. Graduate students also may discuss the change in grading basis with their Graduate College RPC coordinator, to understand the impact on GPA and degree requirements, and with Financial Aid to understand the impact on loans and awards.

Once submitted electronically, requests from graduate students will then be processed by the Graduate College and the Office of the Registrar, and the appropriate “S” (“B-” or better) or “U” (“C+” or lower) grade will be applied in MyUNLV to each course for which a student requested the change in grading basis. Graduate students will be permitted to count up to six credits of “Satisfactory”-graded coursework from Spring 2020 toward Master’s or doctoral degree requirements.

Graduate College Coronavirus Updates

Extension of Withdrawal Deadline

In an effort to provide students with greater flexibility as UNLV adjusts to remote instruction and students deal with potential health and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are extending the last day to drop or withdraw from classes (without a refund) or change from credit to audit by one week. The new deadline to drop a class or withdraw completely from classes is Friday, April 10, 2020 (previously Friday, April 3, 2020). Drops and withdrawals will not be allowed after this date, even with instructor approval. This deadline does not apply to modular or mid-semester courses.

Students are encouraged to consult with Financial Aid Services and with academic advisors to ensure that they understand any potential impacts of the decision to drop or withdraw on current or future financial aid and degree progression.

Online Instruction

  • The university will provide support to instructors during spring break to make this transition. Instructors who need additional time to prepare for remote teaching will be permitted to cancel class sessions on Monday, March 23 and Tuesday, March 24, but all courses are expected to resume remotely by Wednesday, March 25. It is likely that remote instruction will continue through the remainder of the spring semester.
  • UNLV will not charge the distance education fee to any course that were not scheduled at the start of the semester for web-based instruction.
  • Your instructors will contact you via your Rebelmail account to provide information on how remote instruction will proceed (e.g., WebCampus, Webex meetings, phone calls, etc.) If you have not heard from your instructors by Monday, March 23, you should email them at their official UNLV email address ( for instructions.
  • An email and special webpage outlining alternative plans, deadlines, and GA information will go out later today from the Graduate College to support the graduate community's unique needs.
  • We understand that every student learns differently and that you may be concerned about how you will make the transition to distance learning. We have created resources to help you prepare. Please start by reviewing our Readiness Guide and Tips for Online Success.
  • For additional information and support, students can contact the OITHelp Desk at 702-895-0777.

UNLV Libraries Online Support

  • The Libraries are evaluating hours to maximize resources during this time. Current Libraries hours can be found online. The Libraries will continue to support online library/searching/resource questions via the online Ask Us chat or via text at 702-945-0822 and, in addition, a number of resources can be accessed through the Libraries website using your ACE Account.
  • If you have concerns about your ability to access the course materials or meetings online, please contact or call 702-895-5285.

From the Disability Resource Center

As part of UNLV’s decision to switch classes from face-to-face to remote instruction, the Disability Resource Center (DRC) encourages students and faculty to review the following guidelines along with the faculty notification letter(s) you previously received this semester.

  • All students registered with the DRC should remain proactive in self-advocacy regarding their requests for accommodations and stay in regular communication with us.
  • Accommodations will be facilitated through electronic means, such as Webcampus.
  • Students who need to request additional accommodations will need to work with their DRC disability specialist. Please do so by email or schedule a phone meeting
  • We anticipate that the vast majority of needs for students not registered with the DRC can be met through students and instructors working directly together.
  • DRC is available to consult with students and instructors if needed.

The DRC is here to support you as you continue to engage with your classes and successfully complete them remotely. As always, please feel free to contact any of our staff, or 702-895-0866.

Academic Success Center

Academic Success Center (ASC) Tutoring, Engineering Tutoring, Supplemental Instruction and Academic Success Coaching are fully available through remote delivery:

  • Instructions and links to our online platforms are available on our program pages:
  • Video tutorials on how users can access the virtual SI and tutoring options through the website are also available. Closed captioning on the tutoring video is visible through the automatically generated CC option; SI video has text embedded in the video.

Bookstore Update

The Bookstore is closed to the public per the directive of the Governor of the State of Nevada. However, the following services continue to be available:

Support During Remote Instruction

In light of UNLV’s move to remote instruction, UNLV Bookstore is offering free returns on textbook rentals, free shipping on new online orders, and options for free eTextbook access.

Free Textbook Rental Returns

Customers who rented textbooks from the Bookstore have until May 16, 2020, to make returns. To initiate a return, complete the step-by-step instructions.

Rental customers will need their order number to print the shipping label. This number is included in the confirmation email or, if the textbook was rented in person, the confirmation number is located in the rental reminder emails. Students may also sign into their Bookstore account with the email they used to rent the book and print the label from there.

The UPS label may be printed at any time before the charge date, but the book(s) must be shipped by the May 16 deadline. Although there is no limit on the number of times customers may print each UPS shipping label, rental customers are allotted one free shipment per order even if that order was delivered in multiple shipments or picked up in multiple visits to the Bookstore.

Free Shipping on New Orders

The Bookstore is closed to the public per the directive of the Governor of the State of Nevada, but customers may continue to place online orders with free shipping. UNLV Bookstore processes orders every day, but UPS only picks up Monday through Friday, usually before 2 p.m.

Free Access to eTextbooks

Additionally, the Bookstore, through its partnership with VitalSource, is offering free access to eTextbooks for the remainder of the Spring 2020 term (for emails with .edu only). Not every title has an eBook option. More information about eBooks.

Book Buybacks

The Bookstore is evaluating how to best address textbook buybacks. Updates regarding book buybacks will be posted on the Bookstore website. Monitor the latest details.

For additional information about online purchases, returns, or other Bookstore policies, please contact Mondana Eghdami, General Manager, at


More than $1 million in CARES Act funds have been awarded but not yet accepted by UNLV students.

Many students have received grants, but they may have overlooked previous emails asking them to accept the funds. All students enrolled in Spring 2020 classes, regardless of whether they requested the grant, are encouraged to check MyUNLV. 

Students should log into their MyUNLV account and click the Financial Aid tile. Then, change the award year in the dropdown menu to 2019-2020, and choose to accept or decline the award.

CARES Act grants must be accepted or declined by July 15, 2020. Unaccepted funds are subject to redistribution among eligible students after this date.