UNLV Step One

Step One represented the preliminary phase of resuming on-campus operations. During this step, only university leaders and select personnel resumed work full-time on campus. Returning employees during this step had staggered on-campus reporting dates. No in-person instructional activities occurred during this step.

The following activities were permitted beginning June 1, 2020:

  • In-person work for leadership (Vice Presidents, Deans, Directors) and limited research personnel
  • In-person work for additional facilities personnel to prepare campus and support operations as more in-person activity resumes
  • In-person return for select personnel was carried out in mid-June, as recommended by leadership
  • Phased-in student athlete individual workouts that met social distancing guidelines, mitigated risk, and were subject to NCAA guidelines
  • Step One research activities that met social distancing guidelines and mitigated risk where PIs had completed SOPs for approval by their chairs/deans
  • In-person health services for individuals who were sick, with call-ahead for appointments prior to arrival (telehealth continued for wellness checks and for mental health services)
  • In-person pharmacy services
  • Limited bookstore and copy services
  • Meetings were encouraged to continue remotely; small group meetings of up to 10 people were allowed to meet in person only if social distancing guidelines of a six foot radius could be followed
  • Buildings remained locked during June, with card and key access only

Activities prohibited during Step One included:

  • In-person instruction, discussion sections, or performance activities
  • In-person student events, including informational, orientation, conferences, fairs, meetings
  • In-person student activities
  • In-person orientations, trainings, or professional development
  • In-person recruiting or interviewing
  • In-person wellness checks or mental health services
  • In-person meetings of more than 10 people (large meetings continued via Webex or other suitable platform)
  • Face-to-face human subjects research
  • Study Abroad
  • Business travel
  • Visitors
  • Gatherings of more than 10 people
  • Group athletic training, group recreational activities, or group sport activities
  • Housing/residence hall occupancy and dining services
  • Queues, lines, or spaces where individuals may congregate (spaces were required to be modified to minimize risk and adhere to social distancing)
  • Performance events, cultural or art exhibitions, or athletic events
  • Conferences, receptions, award ceremonies, recognition events or donor cultivation events