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Oct. 8, 2020
Nevada's undergraduate students are steadfast in pursuing higher education at UNLV despite COVID-19 challenges.
Alice Corkill sitting at a table in a garden.
Oct. 5, 2020
Inspired by an instructor during her undergraduate years, the education professor now strives to similarly motivate her students.
two people dressed in black standing at cubicle reviewing a document
Sep. 30, 2020
More than 200 UNLV students to be employed through partnership with Southern Nevada Health District; 60 students already trained and on the ground.
Haroon Stephen stands in front of the Engineering Complex.
Sep. 28, 2020
An early adopter of online teaching, this professor understands that technology is both a curse and a blessing.
Sep. 24, 2020
Communication in the digital space can make us closer or tear us apart.
Sep. 15, 2020
UNLV takes on another school semester with precaution and discovery.
Deana Waddell with kids playing in a pool in the background.
Sep. 14, 2020
Working from home has helped the web & digital strategy director balance the added demands at work with remote learning for her kids.
Sep. 11, 2020
Seeing opportunities to meet needs during the COVID-19 crisis, the 2020 summer Ph.D. graduate stepped in to help. 
Theater students practice on stage
Sep. 10, 2020
Some courses find themselves in unfamiliar environments as the logistics of social distancing require in-person classes get creative with their spaces.
children standing on a playground with their backs to the camera and their backpacks visible
Sep. 9, 2020
UNLV child advocacy expert Amanda Haboush-Deloye examines the pandemic’s impact on abused youth, and how medical professionals and others can help reverse the trend in unreported cases.
Close-up photo of man standing among trees
Sep. 8, 2020
This new employee in the career services office wants others across campus to join him in helping students on their career journeys.
Sep. 2, 2020
Focusing on the mental health of children helps UNLV psychiatrist Lisa Durette as she faces her own medical challenges.