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May. 6, 2020
Six School of Medicine emergency physicians reflect on what they are learning from the COVID-19 pandemic.
man on riding mower
May. 5, 2020
Facilities crews keep the campus in good repair despite COVID-19.
Sergeant Toni Summerlin, on patrol during the coronavirus campus closure.
May. 4, 2020
This police sergeant says she’s touched by the support the UNLV community is showing its campus police force during these unusual times.
A man in a suit pulls a cord on a dune buggy
May. 1, 2020
Annual College of Engineering competition will hold all of its team presentations and judging virtually.
detail shot of nursing uniform
May. 1, 2020
Alumna Ashley Juste credits her time in nursing school for building a sense of commitment to serve.
A medical syringe
May. 1, 2020
UNLV’s Director of Bioethics explores whether vaccine-refusing parents will reconsider their beliefs in light of COVID-19.
button with "UNLV Proud Parent"
Apr. 30, 2020
The program helps ease parents' minds as students take charge of the details of their college career.
"UNLV School of Medicine" sign
Apr. 29, 2020
Internal medicine residents in UNLV's School of Medicine are honing valuable skills as they work with COVID-19 patients and their families.
Closeup woman holding her wrist in pain from using computer.
Apr. 28, 2020
As remote work and distance learning become a way of life, UNLV occupational therapist Donna Costa offers hacks for a healthy home office and exercise routine.
A man washes his hands in a bathroom sink
Apr. 28, 2020
The one big takeaway: hand-washing works.
exterior of Beam Hall at dusk
Apr. 28, 2020
The Lee Prize compels entrepreneurs to rapidly innovate to safeguard the well-being of guests and employees in the post-pandemic era.
A group gathers and eats while a student serves wine from a tray
Apr. 28, 2020
A Hospitality class was dedicated to planning UNLVino's successor – until coronavirus forced a change.