Interim Policy on Campus Events and Gatherings

In light of the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, all non-essential in-person events and gatherings at UNLV shall be cancelled until further notice in order to slow the transmission of the coronavirus and protect vulnerable populations from exposure. This social distancing measure will limit the spread of COVID-19 on our campus and in our community. Event organizers must prioritize alternatives, such as teleconferencing, rather than hold in-person gatherings.

Those who believe that an in-person event is essential to the mission of UNLV and does not pose an undue risk to attendees may request an exception. Requests for an exception must provide a compelling rationale for the exception, assess the public health risks of holding the event, describe how identified risks will be mitigated, and follow UNLV's coronavirus protective measures. All exception requests must have initial approval from a Dean/Vice President before submitting the request for campus review. No proposed event may proceed without final approval by the Interim Executive Vice President and Provost.

Event organizers must consider the following when applying for an exception:

  • Requests for an exception should be received at least two weeks in advance for events limited to UNLV students, faculty and/or staff and one month in advance for events attended by visitors or guests.
  • Events must be held in a venue with enough space to keep participants at least 6 feet apart throughout the event and there must be easy access to handwashing facilities and alcohol-based hand sanitizers at the venue. While UNLV will place hand sanitizer dispensers in public spaces throughout the campus, event organizers are responsible for providing sanitizer at the event.
  • High risk activities such as singing, shouting, beverage and food service, close contact for an extended period, and reduced social distancing must be avoided.
  • Pre-registration for visitors and guests, as well as day of event sign-in for all participants attending the event are required to facilitate COVID-19 contact tracing should that be necessary.
  • Pre-event communication from event organizers to attendees of the event must include:
    • Acknowledgement that the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) is a current public health concern
    • A link to the UNLV Coronavirus Updates webpage
    • Advice to stay home if ill (consider refunding costs if someone needs to cancel)
    • Advice that high-risk individuals should not attend the event
    • Usual prevention precautions, including UNLV's coronavirus protective measures
    • Notification that the coronavirus pandemic is an evolving situation, precautions may change on short notice, and the event may be cancelled at any point
  • All attendees must acknowledge and agree upon arrival at the event that they will follow UNLV's current coronavirus protective measures during the event.
  • Organizers should remind attendees during the event of simple measures to lower risk and prevent spread of the coronavirus and other viruses (not shaking hands, practicing social distancing, and wearing face coverings).
  • A point person should be assigned by the event organizers for attendees and anyone working the event to utilize as a resource should they develop symptoms of COVID-19 during the event.
  • During planning, organizers must consult CDC Considerations for Events and Gatherings.

Requests for exceptions may be sent to, UNLV Interim Emergency Manager and COVID-19 Ombudsman.