Complete Account Payable’s Mileage Log prior to initiating the expense report process in Workday. For audit purposes, employees need to specify the [1] reason for and [2] starting and ending location of each trip. The total mileage for all trips combined will be used to complete the expense report. Also attach a Google map to/from the destination and a copy of Risk Management's Vehicle Use and Safety/Private Vehicle Use Authorization.

In Workday

  1. On the main dashboard, select Expenses.
  2. From the Actions menu, choose Create Expense Report.
  3. In Additional Worktags, find and select the appropriate worktag. Please ask your business manager for guidance on which worktag to select.
  4. In Create Expense Report under Expense Report Information, select appropriate travel type (e.g., Employee In-State Travel) in the “Business Purpose” field.
    1. “Expense Report Date” is date on which employee enters the information into Workday.
  5. Under Expense Report Line:
    1. Enter the date of travel for the first trip listed on the Mileage Log in the “Date” field.
    2. In the “Expense Item” field, select By Expense Item Group, then Travel and then Mileage-Business for 100% rate or Mileage-Personal for 50% rate.
    3. Enter total amount miles traveled for all trips listed on the Mileage Log in the “Quantity” field.
      • “Per Unit Amount” will automatically populate and “Total Amount” will automatically calculate.