This policy applies to University employees and registered volunteers traveling on approved university business.

To ensure correct pricing and insurance, please confirm that the State Contract Account Number is listed on your rental agreement before taking possession of the vehicle. Additional costs are not reimbursable.

The State Contracted Rental Car Agency contracts provide required minimum insurance coverages – please do not purchase optional insurances as these costs are not reimbursable.

In-State Rentals

Las Vegas and Reno

All car rentals occurring within Las Vegas are required to be made with a State Contracted Rental Car Agency.

Reservations using a Purchase Order

Submit a Requisition to establish a purchase order for the one-time rental or an open-end Purchase Order for your department to use throughout the year. To use the purchase order when reserving:

  • Access the Enterprise website above and chose one of the "Direct Bill" options.
  • Start the reservation with date/time and choose a vehicle
  • As applicable, confirm trip purpose as UNLV business and billing type as Direct Bill
  • Enter billing number provided by UNLV Purchasing
  • Enter the PO number by using the last eight digits of the PO with a preceding two zeros.
    • Example: PO-02-00012345 should be entered as 0000012345

Reservations with using a P-Card

For rentals using a P-Card, you must present the P-Card at the time of the rental. If this option is not possible for the rental in question, please obtain a purchase order from UNLV Purchasing, see above.

Do not place P-Cards “on file” for rental purposes, they must be presented at the time of pickup.

Vehicle Delivery to UNLV

The Enterprise location on Paradise Avenue will provide rental car delivery. When the vehicle is delivered, you must present your P-Card to the rental agent for confirmation and rental charge. If you are using another person’s P-Card for payment, that person must be present at the time of delivery to present their P-Card to the rental agent.

Note: for all vehicles dropped off on campus at return, you must contact the branch immediately to note the return, date and drop time for the vehicle so that accurate charges can be determined.

Out-of-State Rentals

All out-of-state car rentals must be rented through one of the State Contracted Car Rental Agencies. Detailed agency information can be found on the State of Nevada Purchasing website, below. For reservations, use one of the links above and be certain to use the corresponding account number to ensure accurate pricing and insurance.

Foreign Travel

When traveling internationally, utilize one of the State Contracted Rental Car Agencies if available. Whether using a contracted agency or an independent for foreign travel, purchase all available optional insurances regardless of rental car agency contracted.

Additional Information

Risk Management and Safety

To view information regarding vehicle operation, insurance coverage and maintenance of UNLV, State Motorpool, rental and personal vehicles, visit the Risk Management and Safety website.

Accident Policy

Should an employee be involved in an accident involving a rental car, the employee should immediately report the accident to:

Authorization Required

Signature authority.

Account Restrictions

No restrictions.


  • Non-contracted Agency Form may be used to request an exception for renting outside of the contracted agencies though there are no guarantees.