Fringe benefit costs are associated with the salary and other compensation paid to each employee. Fringe benefits are charged to the same account that the salary is charged to by default. The actual fringe benefit expenses are determined by the employment type and the employee status (FICA eligible, Medicare Exempt, Retirement Plan election. Graduate students may be eligible for health insurance premium coverage up to $1,000 per year, etc).

For general budget projection purposes, you may download this file to view fringe benefit rates for the most common categories. Projected salary and compensation amounts can be entered to calculate the fringe commitments for planned hires. As a rough guide for most regular professional and classified positions, the Legislatively Approved FY17 fringe calculation is 18.51% of salary, plus $540 per year for workers comp, plus $8,391 per year for health insurance.

More detailed fringe benefit calculations can be carried out with the Annual Self Supporting Budget Form on the relevant tabs for Professional or Classified positions, including adjustment for EPC retirement plan election factors, classified grade-steps, special pay, and stipends.

Fringe Benefits details are available on the HR website.

For Grant Account fringe rates contact the Office of Sponsored Programs.